Frequently Asked Questions

What are psychic readings good for?

A psychic reading provided by an experienced, gifted and responsible psychic reader can help you see things from a new perspective and bring more awareness, clarity with decision making. It can help you to discover your life’s purpose, but also discover blocks in your life. Psychic readings can help you find answers, receive tips and advice in all areas of your life, including your career, work, love, relationships, family, health, wealth or spirituality.

How should I prepare for a psychic reading on the phone?

No special preparations are needed. For a psychic reading on phone, you should be in a quiet corner of your home where you feel safe and comfortable, where you can relax, without being disturbed or interrupted. It is good if you have specific questions without having unrealistic expectations. No reading session will make your problems disappear. Essential is to be open and accept that you will get the answers and information you need the most, at this moment of your life.

What type of questions can I ask during a psychic reading session?

You can ask me almost anything during a psychic reading session. Sometimes you will not get answers to certain issues, simply because we are not meant to know everything. My readings are focused on how to transform things in your life, what changes you need to make to bring more wisdom, peace, and harmony in your life.

What is a Psychic Medium?

Medium is someone gifted in reaching loved ones that have passed over. The mediumship of loved ones can offer such a valuable gift for those grieving. The ability to speak to your loved ones can be very helpful. This is especially true for earthbound souls wishing to resolve issues or questions left unresolved at the time of their loved ones passing.

Are there any questions you should not ask a psychic?

Please ask me any questions at all. There are no small or silly questions. If it matters to you then it matters to me and to Spirit. There may be times when knowing the answer to a particular question does not serve your best good. An example of this might be the date of death or an impending tragedy that cannot be avoided. Knowledge of some experiences that might cause worry and fear are better kept in mystery. Positive guidance will always be given to guide you towards your highest good. My readings are focused on how to transform things in your life, what changes you need to make to bring more wisdom, peace, joy, and love in your life.

What type of instruments do you use during your reading sessions?

I do not use tarot cards, pendulums, rune stones, tea leaves or other instruments during my reading sessions. I pray and enter a meditative state of Spiritual trance that helps me to step aside allowing Spirit to come through and manifest for you. This form of reading is often called intuitive channeling or mediumship. I am very blessed to have been gifted since birth as clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient. The best thing I can do in my readings is to be the purest possible channel for the Holy Spirit to guide you. I am the instrument that Spirit uses and speaks through me for your highest and best good.

What happens in a psychic reading?

During a reading session, you will receive accurate information filled with clarity and compassion. I connect in a meditative state to Spirit and that brings forth wisdom, peace, harmony and healing power. You will enjoy the wonderful energy that fills the room during the reading. You can have specific questions or just opt for a general reading. I record each reading session, so you can relax throughout the reading and not be concerned with remembering the answers. You can review the recorded psychic reading at home, anytime, for continued guidance.

What makes your readings different from other psychic readings?

During my reading sessions, I channel our Source, All That Is, The One Mind and I call this Source, God. Channeling is a form of bringing information from a spiritual source, an angel, a spiritual guide or other divine entity. I enter a meditative state to allow Spirit to manifest through me for my clients, in order to receive the most accurate answers and valuable insights for their problems. In this type of reading, you can speak to your guides and the angels as well. The advanced gift of psychic channeling and mediumship is the highest and best form of intuitive offering available.

Do you offer readings for business and career-related questions?

The most successful entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals hire me to advance their prosperity, joy, and contentment. Many people ask questions about careers, investments and important business decisions. Many of them want to find out what their calling is, what college they should go to or what job they should take. Psychic readings by Shawna offer accurate information and valuable tips, advice, insights to help you make the best decisions for your career and for your business.

Do you offer readings about relationships?

Yes, readings about relationships is an area I specialize in. If our relationships are out of balance this affects us profoundly. Insights from psychic readings help you understand what is going on in your relationship. With the received information, you will bring more love, peace, and harmony to mend your relationships or to let them go. You want to be understood and the insights received during a reading help you to express this in a harmonious way that allows you to feel heard, validated and loved. A reading will help you create a happier more fulfilling love life. I would love to help you attract your soul mate and the love you deserve.

What are the most frequent questions people ask?

Most people ask questions about their relationships - marriages, friendships, relationships with their relatives, business partners and co-workers. Questions about wealth, health, career, business are also very frequent. Some people come to ask questions about their passed away relatives or loved ones. Other questions are related to personal development or spiritual growth. You are encouraged to ask all the various questions you may have in several important areas of your life.

Do you offer healing sessions?

Yes, I offer Reiki sessions and spiritual hands-on healing sessions. I’m a Reiki Master Healer, which is the most advanced degree of Reiki. In your healing session, I will share all of my intuitive insights and may incorporate gemstones, crystals, and sound therapies. I am gifted at seeing the aura and chakras so balancing and alignment of those are always included.