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Shawna Allard delivers a lively and interactive presentation. She helps audiences achieve intuitive awareness and teaches them how to use it effectively in both business and personal situations.

Shawna brings over three decades of speaking experience along with her trusted expertise as an Intuitive Leader. She is valued for her coaching skills that bring out the best in her audience, in their work environment, and in their home life. Her fusion of real-life stories and her conversational techniques, connect her with her audience at an intimate, intense and individual level. She is a natural communicator who chooses to accept and share her truly unique and gifted talents.

Shawna has helped numerous professionals use intuition to increase abundance in all areas of their lives. Shawna’s audience learns how to recognize and develop their intuition, encouraging them to identify and choose the intuitive voice inside of themselves. With Shawna’s guidance entrepreneurs and so many others have learned to make decisions with intuitive foresight so they are one step ahead of the competition and become a front runner in their field.

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