Are there any questions you should not ask a psychic?

There may be times when knowing the answer to a particular question does not serve your best good. An example of this might be the date of death or an impending tragedy that cannot be avoided. Knowledge of some experiences that might cause worry and fear is better kept in mystery.

Positive guidance will always be given to lead you towards your highest good. My readings are focused on how to transform things in your life and what changes you need to make to attract more wisdom, peace, joy, and love. The insight offered is actually sacred work and functions with the purpose of helping people:

  • overcome their challenges
  • move forward
  • create better lives
  • receive much-needed support

Please ask me any questions at all. If it matters to you, then it matters to Spirit and me.

How do you find clarity in a psychic reading?

It is essential to understand that psychics are very different in their way of working and channeling information, from how they receive this information to their own level of intuitiveness and awareness. So when you connect honestly and openly with a psychic, you need to be present and unbarred, willingly accepting to receive clarity in a reading through a well-built connection.

Such a profound experience requires time and patience for your energies to align, allowing you to maximize the results of your reading. It also helps when you avoid questions that require "yes" or "no" answers since they won't have any positive effect on the results, these short answers leaving you dissatisfied and hindering your path towards a deeper understanding. Instead, focus on "how to" or "what can I do" that inspire your development and focus on YOU, above all.