Do you offer healing sessions?

Yes, I offer Reiki sessions and spiritual hands-on healing sessions. I'm a Reiki Master Healer, which is the most advanced degree of Reiki. In your healing session, I will share all of my intuitive insights and may incorporate gemstones, crystals, and sound therapies.

I am gifted at seeing the aura and chakras, so balancing and aligning those are always included. I am also a life coach and a spiritual counselor, providing guidance for people who want to overcome their challenges and adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Energy healing sessions, or hands-on healing, help you release any old blockages that are holding you back by transferring high-frequency energy to your energy field, resulting in:

  • natural self-healing
  • released tensions
  • total body relaxation
  • balance on all levels

What happens during a healing session?

A healing session clears the blockages from your energy field and realigns your flow previously disrupted by anxiety, stress, or physical and emotional pain. Some people may experience no particular feeling at all, while others can reach gentle sensations of energy flow and deep relaxation.

Some areas of your body may be depleted of energy, and a hands-on healing session is a perfect way of assessing your energy field, detecting the imbalanced areas, and refilling those levels. During the healing session, which may last between 15 to 60 minutes, while connecting with Spirit, I will share any intuitive messages received.