What do I need to know about past life regression?

Past life regression therapy can help you discover - if you are curious - how you have lived other lives. It will help you better understand yourself, habits, desires, anxieties, and nightmares.

It will help you deal with illness and grief. You will discover new things or manage to get through challenging situations in your life. During your past life regression reading, I will explain everything, so there's no reason to be afraid. I use a form of progressive relaxation and guided meditation. With an experienced and professional past-life regressionist, past-life regression readings are safe.

During a past life regression reading, you may see:

  • a single lifetime
  • flashes or images from various lifetimes
  • life beginnings
  • life endings that can heal what ails you in this life

Each past life regression is unique and personal. Sometimes, you may feel emotions or see visions. Traumatic events may surface during the reading, helping you understand why you are dealing with specific situations. A past life regressions reading allows you to explore the lives you have had formerly and brings insight into who you are and how you can grow in this lifetime.