What to do when I feel that I’m cursed?

Anytime you feel someone is sending even bad intent, unkind thoughts, and any kind of negative energy, you can pray for their awakening to love. Do not accept their 'gift', and they are left holding it. Much like holding a mirror up to their curse, and they can only give it back to themselves.

People often ask if they have been cursed or if an old flame is intruding in their energy and sending bad thoughts. Is there anything I can do to release or protect myself from any weird energy or negative influence? This is another question I often get.

Believing in curses goes back to ancient times, when there was no other way of justifying a supernatural occurrence.

In our current days, this can be attributed to the predetermination of earlier lifetimes, or lingering past-life karma carried from previous lifetimes.

Common signs of a curse

Believing in curses can cast doubt on your actions and make you live your life in fear. But being open to your past-life karma can positively impact your destiny and help you overcome any feeling of doubt and negativity in this lifetime. If you are experiencing unpleasant and unexplained things, it might be due to:

  • psychological pressure
  • nightmares or negative thoughts
  • depression or anxiety
  • abnormal behavior
  • physical ailments
  • bad luck or failure
  • strange occurences
  • broken relationships

You might feel the ominous effects as long as you think of yourself in the same way as those believed to be cursing you. A shift in self-esteem can take you a long way, end the vicious cycle, and clear your path.