Psychic Medium & Healing Services

Psychic Medium Channeled Readings

Shawna has the ability to perceive information through extrasensory perceptions from the supernatural, subtle world. During a psychic reading, you receive accurate information filled with clarity, care, and compassion.

During your psychic reading, Shawna will connect to Spirit and bring forth vast wisdom, peace, love and healing power without the need for any instruments - cards, crystals or palm.

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Relationship Psychic

Shawna has a special way of bringing clarity and peace to your relationship concerns. Insight from a psychic reading will help you to understand the perspective of the other person. With this information, you are able to come from understanding and compassion to mend relationships or release them. Clarity regarding issues of fidelity and romance is often very helpful to give you answers and peace of mind.

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Past Life Readings

Past Life Readings can be a terrific way to get in touch with the source of phobias and conflicts in your relationships. As you are able to observe the original cause you are often able to release stumbling blocks at their source.

This kind of reading has proven very helpful in releasing repeat patterns of abuse, fears, struggle, and relationship conflicts.

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Reiki - Hands-on Spiritual Healing

Hands-on healing is a form of energy healing that involves the transfer of pure, high-frequency energy through to you resulting in natural self-healing processes by releasing tensions and relaxing the body with the clear intention of bringing the client’s whole being into a state of balance on all levels. Your healing session may include the use of crystals, gems, and sound to enhance your healing experience. Shawna will share any intuitive messages received during your healing session.

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Interactive Guided Imagery

Interactive Guided Imagery is a specific interactive visualization technique, where the client is guided in an imaginary dialogue using a selected image to explore and reveal its meaning and relevance to her/his problems. This is technique targets the individuals’ unconscious mind, so, they can understand their unconscious thoughts, motivations, and interests better and transform them if needed, to gain physical, emotional and mental health and harmony.

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Chakra and Aura Balancing

During a Chakra and Aura Balancing Session, I work with the client’s chakras to make sure that these are all in alignment with each other and the energy flows freely between them without blockages. Chakra and Aura balancing leads to overall health and well-being by ensuring the free and consistent flow of life-energy throughout the seven chakras, on all levels.

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Life Coaching - Spiritual Counseling

Shawna is often referred to as the happiness coach. Life Coaching that includes a spiritual and intuitive quality is supremely powerful in bringing about your highest good. Spiritual counseling with Shawna is an excellent way to help you navigate the barriers ahead so that you can move forward in life. Achieve great things! You may want Shawna's gifts as a Spiritual Counselor or Life Coach to assist you with personal growth related to issues with relationships, finances, career, and health.

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Clinical Hypnotherapist

An efficient Hypnotherapy session can help in releasing old traumas and limitations, clearing the way for your perfect life.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist offering hypnotherapy to help you be your best. Hypnotherapy can be effective in clearing and redirecting old patterns and behaviors. Hypnotherapy has been shown to be very effective in helping people to overcome issues of overeating, smoking, anxiety, various phobias, and fears.

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Channeling & Mediumship

Channeling is a form of bringing information from spirit. You may hear of channels for a particular soul that has passed over or for an Archangel.

I channel our Source, All That Is, The One Mind. I call this source God. Truth is truth by whatever name you call it.

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Spirit Guides

I like to think of Spirit Guides as our friends who are temporarily without a physical body. They are as approachable as any good friend and happy to assist you. Communication with your Spirit Guide takes practice, and meditation is one of the best ways to still the mind enough to hear them. Shawna can help you learn meditation, or establish a deeper more meaningful meditation practice.

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House Clearing & Feng Shui

Energies like love and laughter or fighting and trauma leave their energy imprint. This is why you instantly feel a sense of peace and calm when you enter a spiritual space. There are many reasons you may wish to have a space clearing or Feng Shui. Shawna has over 3 decades of experience with energy clearing and Feng Shui. Always have a home cleared before you move in. You do not want to take on the energies of the previous renter or owner.

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Available for Parties

A successful party needs activities that motivate the guests to interact with each other, therefore it can be a wonderful surprise to invite a psychic. The presence of a gifted psychic reader can be a real icebreaker, creating a special atmosphere at your party and igniting interesting conversations. By booking a psychic for your event you create a great occasion to introduce your guests to the fascinating world of esoteric sciences.

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