How does a Feng Shui consultation work?

When you call me for a Feng Shui consultation and house clearing, we will discuss your needs and preferences and choose the proper methods to create harmony and balance in your home or workplace.

Everything is energy in manifestation, including our thoughts and emotions. They all leave an energetic imprint in our environment, like your home or workplace. The energetic imprint you create in your home significantly impacts you and everyone who lives there.

You can sense the energy from the people, plants, and items in a particular space, and you most likely will react to it. We are energetic beings that can be impacted and influenced by the energy of our space.

I will provide everything you need for Feng Shui consultation and space clearing, including three decades of experience with ghosts, spirits, and the stresses a home can accumulate.

I have experience with effective home-clearing tools: smudging kits, essential oils, crystals, Tibetan space-clearing bells, and singing bowls. When you contact me, we can discuss your house-clearing needs and preferences and choose the proper methods.