Do I have to prepare myself for a healing session?

The most important is to come with an open mind and heart to your healing session. Set your overall intention for the healing session, let go of your expectations, and just let me do my work.

State your intention to receive the healing energy, like, “I'm open to receiving the healing I need that is being sent to me.” I also recommend drinking plenty of water 24 hours before your session. The human body is made up of 60% of water and drinking plenty of clean water will help the energy move fluidly through your body.

Also, try to refrain from drug or alcohol consumption at least the day before the session. You can also have a relaxing detox bath the day before to help release toxins, which will also help the energy flow smoothly.

Avoid having heavy meals and sugar before the session. Use the restroom if needed and turn off your cell phone to avoid interruptions. I also suggest wearing comfortable clothing.