How to prepare myself for my first psychic reading?

The only thing you should prepare is a list of your questions. Have a good sleep the night before your reading, and come with an open mind and heart. You can ask any questions you like and express any of your concerns, and no one will judge you.

This is my first time, I am nervous; what shall I do to prepare myself for my first psychic reading? I often get this question from my clients.

There is really no reason to be nervous. Your psychic reading will take place in a calm, peaceful, loving ambiance.  During the reading session, I will go into a deep trance, and the answers will come from Spirit. Just be open, relaxed, and enjoy everything you will receive through me from Spirit. Having a list of questions with you is an excellent idea, especially if it's your first psychic reading and you are a bit nervous. People often forget their questions during the reading sessions.

Suggestions to help you prepare for your first psychic reading

A psychic reading is a healing and inspiring episode of enlightenment, and going to your first session prepared will help you make the most of your experience. The most important tips to consider before any psychic reading recommend you to:

  • Clearly set your intentions
  • Keep your mind and heart open
  • Make a list of questions
  • Engage in relaxation practices

Once these preparation suggestions have been put into practice, you will reap all the fascinating and positive results that psychic readings have to offer, leading you to a deeper understanding of what you should focus on further in your life.