How can I know that the healing session will work?

Healing happens in time, but if you come with an open mind, and let go of your doubts, you will definitely see a difference after your healing session.

As I work, you may feel vibrational sensations and warm energy coming from my hands, which means the Reiki is flowing. Some people describe visions of images and colors, sensations of pulsating energy, or feelings of being safe and nurtured.

Others experience emotional releases, such as tears or clarity of mind and thoughts. The pulsating sensation of Reiki can be felt in all parts of your body, but especially in the palms of your hands.

Healing happens in time, but if you are open, you will feel better immediately after your healing session. Feelings and memories may surface in the following days or even months, meaning it’s time for you to either release or work through them.