Is Feng Shui good for mental health?

Creating a safe and balanced environment according to the Feng Shui principles is one key to good mental health.

Everything is energy in manifestation, including our thoughts and emotions, and they all leave an energetic imprint in our homes and workplaces. We are energetic beings, and our energy field influences the energy of our environment.

Every time you enter a space, you can sense the energy emanating from the people, plants, and items, and you will most likely be impacted by it. The energetic imprint you create in your environment significantly affects you and everyone who lives or works there.

If you don’t clean regularly, open the windows to let fresh air and let sunlight in, or do any space clearing practices, there will be many stagnant energies there, including a buildup of emotions such as anger, stress, sadness, anxiety or any other strong feeling lingering there.

Feng Shui Benefits on Mental Health

Regular house cleansing is necessary, especially if something with a low vibe happens repeatedly, like arguing, conflicts, aggression, stressing, or worrying about your struggles. The energy of these emotions will create an energetic loop that can pull you back into negative thought patterns and negatively impact all areas of your life. We are powerful co-creators with the ability to transform energy and create a fulfilling life, and one of the steps is to raise the vibration of yourself and your environment and yourself. A clean, beautiful, harmonious place, with a lot of sunlight and colorful plants, will make you feel instantly better.

When you arrange your space according to Feng Shui rules, you will attract harmony and balance, which can positively impact your mental well-being by:

  • creating a sense of calm that helps relaxation
  • increasing feelings of happiness by bringing in natural light, incorporating plants or other natural elements, and using colors that evoke positive emotions.
  • promoting a sense of control by eliminating feelings of worry and insecurity.
  • enhancing focus and productivity by creating an unobstructed flow of energy.
  • improving the quality of your sleep by creating a calming ambiance in your bedroom