What are the benefits of past life regression readings?

The benefits of past life regression readings are multiple. An accurate reading can be a valuable help in emotional and mental health problems.

Past life regression is a kind of journey taken while you are in a relaxed, meditative state where you can recall memories of your past life experiences. According to several spiritual traditions, consciousness doesn't die when the heart stops beating. Therefore, you can recall memories from your past lives.

If you aim to deepen the understanding of our relationships, physical or mental health issues, personality traits, and behavior patterns, a past life regression session conducted by an experienced past life regressionist can be genuinely beneficial.


During past life regression readings, we focus on past events and how they affect your current behavior, feelings, beliefs, and relationships. Past life regression readings can especially help those who struggle with various phobias, relationship problems and financial issues, but it works for anyone who feels stuck in one or more areas and wants to find a way out. 

Past life regression readings may be the key to healing from serious emotional and mental health problems, such as:

  • anxiety disorders
  • mood disorders
  • gender dysphoria

Many problems from actual life can have reasons from past lives. Choose to embrace your history for better well-being. 

Other benefits of past life regression readings:

  • gives a better understanding of the complexities and difficulties in your relationships
  • can help you discover latent talents and abilities that you may express now
  • can help you let go of anxieties, worries, and fears
  • you will discover the roots of your physical, emotional, or mental health problems
  • brings a better understanding and helps letting go of phobias
  • makes possibl to explore unsolved issues that have been carried into this lifetime
  • helps you acknowledge essential lessons learned from your past lives