Divine Praise Testimonials

Shawna is the most warm and compassionate woman I have ever known. Mary O.

The minute I met Shawna and went into her reading room I just felt so comfortable. Jill S.

Shawna is an extraordinary intuitive and psychic medium that has helped me a lot. Tracy H.

I needed desperately to connect with my husband, he died 2 years ago, and I feel that I accomplished that. Sarah P.

She has helped me in different ways about my spiritual journey in life. Maria S.

Her readings and her guidance have really changed my life. Michelle H.

If you're in a place where you need some answers...I highly recommend Shawna. Ken D.

If you're dealing with something that is just eating you...don't wait, call Shawna. Deepaa M.

Shawna is amazing, intuitive and she is really here to help you. Rebecca M.

When I went to Shawna it was this beautiful confirmation. Tziporah K.

I came away feeling so seen and so grateful to have some tangible action I could take. Karen S.

I love that she gave me so much hope for the future. Maggie U.

I'm very grateful for Shawna and her amazing insights. Judy F.

If you need guidance, she can facilitate the door into that knowing. Ana N.

Shawna really helped me defining my path...with amazing advice. Carmen U.

She gave such wonderful stories. Betse B.

Shawna's Awakening Your Intuition class was absolutely brilliant. Valerie S.

Shawna gave me a completely new perspective. Angelika A.

I leave Shawna's feeling much more centered and much stronger. Kristi M.

Her relationship with Spirit is a gift to this world. Mary O.

Shawna could bring though the universal love that's out there for all of us. Jill S.

The work she does it's divinely guided, it's magical, i'll touch your life. Nancy R.

It's just helpful to have a resource like Shawna. Peter K.

She leads you through this free-flowing guided meditation. Christina H

I got so much out of this class, more than I have ever gotten out of any class. Jenny C.

I got a lot of clarity about different things in my life. I don't feel stuck anymore. Jessica O.

Shawna really gets into the depth of how you can bring yourself to the full. Sharon S.