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Best San Diego Psychic Shawna Allard is known for her accurate and compassionate readings over the phone and in person. Shawna uses meditative prayer to channel the voice of Spirit as well as visions and emotions for your personal reading. Readings by phone are equally as accurate as readings in person. Shawna is a gifted psychic channel, and receives information direct from Source. There is no need for props, cards, or personal items. All reading are recorded for your added enjoyment.

“I give you hope for the future, but more than that… I will give you tools.” Over the phone or in person, Shawna uses meditative prayer to channel the voice of Spirit as well as visions and emotions for your personal reading.

  • Insight into relationships with family or friends
  • Career direction and discovery
  • What’s holding you back from living your best life
  • Answers to deep questions so you can break into a new spiritual level

Shawna has helped her clients overcome some of life’s greatest challenges while providing healing insight.Spiritual counseling that is focused on your needs and desires brings balance and harmony back into your life!

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Healing Hands


I received this lovely testimonial from one of my clients and I hope you enjoy reading it. She wanted everyone to understand what to expect in Hands-on Healing. She feels she would have tried Hands-on Healing much sooner if she knew what she would experience. As always wishing you vibrant health, in

  Body, mind, and spirit.



      I met Shawna in a class in the spring and found her to be friendly and outgoing, mixed with a deep sense of inner peace. I was surprised to hear that she is a psychic because somehow I pictured psychics to be a little weird and out of the social norn. Shawna is not. Shortly after we got acquainted I wondered if she could actually help me. I was going through a very emotional time in my life, grieving over a broken-up relationship to the point where I got physically sick. My family doctor diagnosed infections under my left arm which could only be fought with antibiotics. Despite my allergies to several antibiotics, I was told that there was no other remedy. It took three weeks of antibiotics for my infection to disappeared and I was relieved – only to face a new infection two days later, this time under my right arm. At that point, I was desperate. I called Shawna and saw her the following evening. She explained to me that hands-on healing through energy realigns the energy field and thus helps the body heal itself. I was filled with a mix of curiosity and wonderment. Shawna held her hands over my body starting at my feet. I sensed the warmth from her hands as she worked her way up. She actually touched my legs, my arms and shoulders but no other part of my body. She explained what she was doing throughout the healing procedure, which made me feel more at ease. At times, I closed my eyes to relax and believed she was touching me when she really was not. Her hands felt like a ray of sunshine to me. Shawna explained to me that some sections of my body were depleted of energy and she refilled them. She took deep breaths and while she breathed out, I felt a flood of warm energy enter my body. I had never experienced anything like it. I felt as though I was literally bathed in the pure love of God. It was touching, and moved me to tears – happy tears. When Shawna was done with her healing, I felt what I would describe as a state of bliss. I was so content, relaxed and happy that I did not want to move. It was like experiencing a moment of eternity, a piece of heaven. My infection was still there but I really did not care because I felt so good emotionally. I felt whole. I cried on the way home, thanking God for letting me experience his love in ways most people never do. The next morning, I woke up with the same happiness I had the night before. My infection had disappeared and to this day has not returned. The heaviness from my broken heart was gone. I actually looked forward to living my life again, to meeting new people and sharing my happiness with others. Shawna had the gift to heal my broken heart and infection in one evening – something that a medical doctor and a counselor together did not accomplish over a period of time. I feel strongly that a higher power is at work in the healing process. I believe this to be the same divine power Jesus Christ had and the same power which he also conferred upon his disciples. They healed people by touch and the laying on of hands. Although it may not be acceptable to most medical doctors today, hands-on healing is not spooky or weird, and to those of us whom it heals, it is the most compassionate deed anyone could provide.

‘always trust your intuition… for a backup plan…call Shawna’