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“I know what you need to know“

Shawna has over 3 decades of experience helping people just like you to get the answers and clarity you need. Her expertise in connecting to Spirit brings forth vast wisdom and healing power without the need for cards or palms.

You are encouraged to relax and enjoy the knowledge and guidance provided to help with:

If you're in a place where you need some answers...I highly recommend Shawna. Ken D.

I came away feeling so seen and so grateful to have some tangible action I could take. Karen S.

If you need guidance, she can facilitate the door into that knowing. Ana N.

Knowing, by Shawna Allard
Award-Winning Book & Bestselling Author

Knowing is an amazing story of triumph over adversity and the awakening of extraordinary intuition. Shawna shows you a path that will help you understand your personal intuitive voice. The stories of actual people, their questions and the Divine answers they receive will change your life. This book is published by BHC Press and available online and at the local libraries, spiritual book stores, and Barnes & Noble.

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A Psychic Coach & Spiritual Speaker
Shawna Allard Is Both!

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Community Planning & Charity Causes

Giving back is vital and we all are responsible for each other, and more, we deserve the best. I consider my mission to help out whenever I can. This way I am showing my gratitude for everything Spirit has offered to me.

Giving Back