How should I expect to feel after a past life regression reading?

Each past life regression is unique and personal.

If you are curious about how you have lived in other lives before, past life regression therapy can help you discover. A past life regression reading can bring a better understanding of yourself, your anxieties, phobias, habits, desires, goals, and aspirations. It can also bring comfort and a deeper understanding when you are dealing with illness and grief.

After a past life regression reading, it is common to feel sleepy. However, this experience can also provide you with new perspectives and a better understanding of your past. It is natural to feel apprehensive, but you need not worry if your past life regressionist is a professional who can ensure your safety and provide assistance in overcoming any discomfort.

With an experienced and professional past life regressionist, your past life regression reading will be safe and harmless. Sometimes you may feel strong emotions or see visions. Traumatic events may surface during the reading, helping you understand your feelings, repetitive thoughts or fears.