What can I expect during a healing session?

An energy healing session, or hands-on healing, can help you release any energy blockages by transferring high-frequency energy to your energy field. During the healing session, which may last between 15 to 60 minutes, I go into a place of prayer and meditation, connect with Spirit, and share any intuitive messages received.

People often come to me to find out the root cause of their illnesses, as knowing the source of their health issues is essential on their road to recovery. I am gifted at seeing the aura and chakras, so balancing and aligning those are always included in my healing sessions. I have the most advanced degree in Reiki.

I'm a Reiki Master Healer, offering Reiki and spiritual hands-on healing sessions.   I will share my intuitive insights, and I will also incorporate crystals and sound therapies. I encourage you to relax and take in this nurturing, soothing energy.

What will I feel during a healing session?

You will be lying face-up on the massage table. I may place crystals or gemstones on and near your body, always asking permission and letting you know before I touch your body or place crystals on you. I might lightly touch you with my hands or put them above your body – I will make every move to conduct the energy flow. I also help you sense the crystals’ energy and guide you in working with your own energy so you can walk out in a nurturing, protective energy field.

During an energy healing session, I will detect the imbalanced areas, clear the blockages holding you back, and realign your energy flow previously disrupted by stress, anxiety, and physical or emotional pain. I will explain everything you need to know before the session, and you can ask me everything you want. I create a peaceful space where you will feel safe and comfortable. Some people may experience no particular feeling, while others can feel gentle sensations of energy flow, inner peace, deep relaxation, or emotional release, such as tears. I believe that there is one Healer, and I'm blessed to bring that source through with my hands and voice to help others achieve their most vibrant health.