Club Discounted Package

Price: $585 -

Duration: 3 hours

Shawna is a nationally recognized psychic channel and medium with over 30 years of experience in psychic reading, life coaching, and relationship counseling. During your reading sessions with Shawna, you will enjoy the most spiritually aligned form of receiving accurate information directly from Source.

With the information received through Shawna from Spirit, you will attract harmony in your love life, release old patterns, achieve peace and understanding. Do you want to find the right answers to your concerns? Do you want to bring love, and harmony in the relationship you're in? All you have to do is to book a psychic reading with Shawna.

Book the Club Discounted Package if you have multiple questions or you want to explore various areas of your life. You can schedule the psychic readings throughout one year, even divided into smaller time portions. The package includes:

  • Three hours of psychic reading used within one year
  • 20% discount
  • 30 min bonus reading
  • Readings offered in-person
  • Readings offered over the phone

All readings with Shawna will be digitally recorded and a link to download the recording will be promptly emailed to you at no additional charge.

Call 1.800. Knowing