Intuitive Reading In Person

Price: $250 -

Duration: 1 hour

Do you want to find your special love? Do you want to find peace and love in the relationship you're in? With over 33 years as a relationship expert, Shawna has a special way of bringing clarity and peace to your relationship concerns.

Insight from a psychic reading helps you to understand and be understood. With this information, you will attract your perfect love. Release old patterns of attracting the wrong relationships.

Although she specializes in relationship matters, a reading with Shawna can also bring clarity to any other aspect of your life.

In-Person Intuitive Reading Over Google Live

Many aspects of life can cause you troubles and with which you may require guidance.

Shawna is here to help you tap into the divine Source and receive messages that will help you understand the situation you find yourself in and overcome your struggles.

Shawna offers psychic readings for all areas of life:

  • relationships
  • finances
  • health
  • finding purpose
  • spirituality
  • creativity

What to Expect from Your Psychic Reading

Shawna will listen to your concerns and provide insightful advice to help you improve your life. Your reading will be digitally recorded and a download link will be promptly emailed to you at no additional charge. Previous clients receive a discount for the reading session.

  • your psychic reading will last 1 hour long
  • please prepare a list of 10-20 questions
  • during the reading, Shawna goes into a state of trance and connects with Spirit
  • all your questions will be answered by Spirit

Frequently Asked Questions