Psychic Reader in San Diego

Shawna Allard is a nationally recognized expert psychic reader. She offers in-person and over the phone services for San Diego residents, including:

Services offered at the San Marcos-based Divine Knowing Institution for San Diego residents:

About Shawna Allard - Psychic Reader in San Diego, CA

Shawna is a gifted psychic channel, medium, life coach, public speaker. She is the author of the award-winning book the „Knowing“. During the services she provides, Shawna connects to Spirit and bring forth peace, compassion, love, vast wisdom, and healing power. She is valued for her coaching, teaching, and public speaking skills that bring out the best in her audience. Through Divine Knowing, Shawna brings over three decades of spiritual counseling and accurate, compassionate psychic readings. Shawna can be booked for San Diego parties and events. With her knowledge and experience, she will create a special atmosphere at your party and introduce your guests to the magical world of esoteric sciences. Shawna can be booked for House Clearing services and Feng-shui consultations. With her esoteric knowledge and experience, she knows how to create a pure, peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Our Spiritual Classes & Events in San Diego, CA

Shawna is also an experienced spiritual teacher, teaching classes on original subjects. One of the most important is the "Awakening the Intuition" course where all participants are guided to learn how to awake and use their intuition. She also offers her teaching in classes created to support and awaken the feminine power within. Other learning opportunities through Shawna's classes for San Diego residents include Face and Palm Reading, Tarot Reading, Spiritual Finances, Hands-on Healing, Energy Awareness, Protection Techniques. These classes are hosted at the Divine Knowing institute in San Marcos and throughout San Diego county.

Psychic Reading Service in all San Diego County Areas

Shawna has over thirty years of experience in psychic readings over the phone. Booking a psychic reading with Shawna is simple. It can be booked online or by calling a local phone number. Psychic reading services are offered for residents from: