What Is Taking Place During a Hands-On Healing

Posted on 29th August, 2022

Hands-on healing is a form of energy healing. It involves the transfer of high-frequency energy to your energy field, resulting in natural self-healing processes by releasing tensions and relaxing the body to bring your being into a state of balance on all levels.

With the help of a hands-on healing session, energy blockages from your energy field can be unblocked and the energy flow disrupted by illness, stress, anxiety or pain will be realigned. My clients have different reactions to hands-on healing; some feel nothing at all, while others experience sensations of gentle energy flow and deep relaxation. They describe feelings of being nurtured, stress relief, emotional release, or they receive insight into specific areas of their lives.

I suggest that you wear comfortable clothing during the hands-on healing session. We will start by discussing your health problems and goals depending on what you seek: relaxation or stress, pain or nausea relief. Are you preparing for a medical procedure or surgery? You get the most out of your hands-on healing session if you are clear about your healing needs.

What Happens During the Hands-on Healing Session?

I always start the session concentrating on a place of silence, eliminating all distractions and connecting with Spirit. This centering process is a state of trance, similar to profound meditation.

This process allows me to access a state of compassion; then I focus my intention on your highest good. In the beginning, I will ask you about your condition or symptoms and what you hope to gain from the session.

  • You'll be fully clothed during the session. You'll lay down comfortably and relax.
  • Hands-on healing sessions may last anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes.
  • The next step is scanning your energy field by passing my hands gently above the surface of your body, noting any imbalances.
  • Your healing session may include using crystals, gems, and sound to enhance your healing experience.
  • The hands-on healing session ends by assessing your energy field again. I'll scan your energy field again to evaluate whether the imbalances in the energy field have transformed and help you come back to an alert state.
  • I will ask you for feedback and discuss a self-care plan and appointment for another session (if needed) and will also share any intuitive messages received during your hands-on healing session.