Crystals for Psychic Readings and Healing Sessions

Posted on 5th November, 2020

I have always loved crystals. Each crystal carries specific energy, has a life force, and a unique personality. Created by God with a specific purpose, just as unique as their chemical composition, color, or texture. These amazing gifts offered with so much generosity by Mother Earth, have been used since the beginning of time to protect, decorate, empower, and heal.

I love to be surrounded by crystals during my psychic reading or healing sessions. All crystals can be efficient tools for holding my intention and keeping the vibration of that intention with me. They have a natural ability to transmit healing, balancing, or enlightening energies. When I choose a crystal for a healing session, I know that is essential to align it with my intention. Before each session, I ask my crystals to assist and support me during my sessions. I love working with crystal generators. These are extremely powerful tools that can emit powerful energies.

Clear Quartz Tower Generators for Healing Sessions

Size does matter in the crystal world, as more mass generates more energy. The shape does matter as well, each crystal shape has a unique energy. Large geodes or crystal clusters emanate more powerful energy, while the tumbled stones or tiny spheres have softer energy. I love to work with Clear Quartz crystal tower generators.

These crystal towers can be powerful tools that help balance and regenerate one's being on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Clear Quartz tower generators can also harmonize the chakras and align all chakras.

Clear Quartz tower generators are some of the most efficient tools used by energy healers. I also use them to clear the space before and after the healing session. I recommend you to use Clear Quartz generators for meditations or other spiritual practices; it enhances spiritual growth, calms the mind, and helps to experience deep meditative states.

How Do I Prepare My Crystals Before Using Them?

I always cleanse my crystals before I put them into service. There are several methods to clear the crystals.

My favorite is actually a combination of two methods:

  • I wash the crystal in soapy water and dry thoroughly and bury it in salt for 24 hours.
  • I place the crystal outside for a full sun and moon cycle. I prefer to do that during the full moon.

How to Program Your Crystals?

After clearing the crystals, the next phase is to program its molecules or vibrations. The Earth is made of 85% silicon dioxide, which is very programmable. This is the primary reason why silicone is used in technical devices, medical equipment, and more. All we need to know about this attribute is that our own intention can be transferred to our crystals.

How to do that? It is easier than you think. Place the crystal you want to work with between your hands. Invoke the highest and holiest memory you have and direct this into your hands. It is much like a prayer, silently transmitting your intention into your crystal.

A few examples:

  • Please support this healing process.
  • Please create balance in my body, mind, and spirit.
  • Help me to connect to high vibrational spiritual realms.
  • Help me to cleanse this space from negative energies.

I always place my intention into all my crystals, whether for my personal use, gift, or as a healing tool. I love to use this programming/intention method, saying:"Holy Divine Creator, please bring comfort peace and wisdom to all who come in contact with this crystal, for the highest and best good of all."

The office where I perform my psychic readings sessions is decorated with various types of crystals from large clusters, geodes to smaller raw crystals, tumbled stones, or crystal spheres.