Psychic Reader in Lakeside

Shawna Allard is a nationally recognized psychic channel. She offers a wide array of services for Lakeside residents, including:

Other services offered by Shawna at the San Marcos-based Divine Knowing Institute for Lakeside residents:

About Shawna Allard - Psychic Reader in Lakeside, CA

 Shawna is known for her accurate and compassionate readings, for her capacity to perceive information through extrasensory perceptions from the subtle world. Her expertise in connecting to Spirit during her readings or healing sessions, brings forth healing power, wisdom, vast knowledge, and compassion. Shawna Allard through Divine Knowing brings over three decades of spiritual counseling. She is nationally recognized and valued for her coaching and teaching skills that bring out the best in her audience. Shawna can be booked for parties and events, her presence will be a real icebreaker and a great opportunity to offer your guests a special surprise and introduce them to the ever-fascinating world of esoteric sciences. She also offers House Clearing services and Feng Shui consultations for Lakeside residents.

Our Spiritual Classes & Events in Lakeside, CA

Shawna is an experienced spiritual teacher, teaching classes on various subjects. The "Awakening the Intuition" class is one of her most popular classes, where the participants are guided to learn how to awake and use their intuition. Another important class available for Lakeside residents is designed to support and awaken the feminine power within.

Some of the classes Shawna offers for Lakeside residents:

Psychic Reading Service in all Lakeside Areas

Shawna has experience of more than three decades in psychic readings over the phone. Booking a psychic reading with Shawna Allard is easy and simple, you can book online or by calling a local phone number.

Psychic reading services are offered for residents from: