Where Does Your Income Come From?

Posted on 10th January, 2019

Now really think about the answer to this question. A typical response might be my job, my husband's paycheck, investments, the web, or clients. Maybe your first thought was more of despair: I have no income, I am unemployed, workers comp, my ex-husband doesn't pay! If your response was even close to any of these answers, read on.

I learned this lesson about income many years ago when my (now grown) children were just one and three years old. I was struggling every month to scrape by. My ex-husband was not paying child support in a timely manner and not often at all. I did not make enough at my accounting job to cover basic rent and childcare. Each month, I was a stressful mess calling my ex, pleading for a child support payment.

In One Glistening Moment of Divine Revelation, I Realized God As My Only True Source

I had been seeing my ex as my provider, as Source. I had divorced him and was still dependent on him. I had a discussion with God in which I acknowledged him/her as my provider in full. What a huge relief I felt at that moment.

I prayed for income to flow easily into my life through sources that are consistent and more abundant. I admitted that in holding my ex accountable for my struggles I was choking off my abilities, my full capabilities. Watch out for blaming. If you believe anything in your life is someone else's fault, then you render yourself to true helpless.

That moment, I declared that I would be able to provide fully for myself and my children. I would never count on my ex for my sustenance. I turned my child support account over to social services that day and had all deposits go directly into a savings account that we would use for vacations, fun, etc. I never had to call him for money again. For the first time, I really felt empowered. My personal income increased immediately. I changed a few details about my finances and we began to truly thrive!

God Provides Your Income, Fear Stops the Flow

The right thinking will create miracles in your financial life. Your income may come "through" any number of channels, but it comes from Source.

Strive to give up those beliefs that someone or something outside of you is in control of your financial survival. The Source that put all the stars in the cosmos and brought you into existence has gotten you this far. Your Source is fully capable of bringing forth all that you need to survive and in fact to thrive. Focus your attention on God through meditation and prayer. Focus your gratitude on our Creator, for all the blessings you have. My dear, would you like to understand better the Law of Attraction? Would you like to learn how to make your life fulfilling by expressing your gratitude towards our Creator? Let me help you, I'd be happy to guide you on your journey.