My Daughter My Friend

Posted on 8th May, 2022

I am so grateful that my daughter, this beautiful soul, was willing to take a chance on me as her mom and friend throughout her life.

We must have known each other in our past lives, and now it's such a joy and fulfillment knowing that she entrusted me in this lifetime to nurture her and guide her through emotional, mental development and spiritual growth.
I've learned so many things from my beautiful daughter:

  • To give beyond myself
  • To love with a depth, I never knew existed before
  • Patience and resiliency
  • Curiosity and adventurousness
  • To see aspects from a whole new perspective
  • To play and enjoy life fully

She is my teacher and inspiration in so many ways.....and above all, she is my dearest female friend. I enjoy each moment spent with this beautiful soul, listening to what she has to say, feeling her purity and honesty. Seeing how she laughs and is joyful for no particular reason awakens my inner child. Thank you, my beautiful; you have blessed and enriched my life in more ways.

Relationship Psychic Readings

I am eternally grateful for God's greatest gift and a new bond forged through the earthly years. Spend quality with your daughter daily and appreciate all the beauty and joy they bring your life!

Treasure your unique bond; look at your baby girl and know that she will need you in so many ways and one day, she will be your dearest friend and confidant. A harmonious mother-daughter relationship is the pillar of your child's inclusion in the outside world and the foundation of her future relationships. No universal secret recipe can be applied to every relationship, but there are some essential keys, and being tuned in to your daughter's needs is one of them.

My spiritually aligned sessions will provide insightful guidance on integrating the received information into your daily life, allowing your mother-daughter relationship to flourish and reach its maximum potential.