I Want a Love to Call My Own

Posted on 26th November, 2019

Are you in the mood for love? Looking for Marriage? Maybe just Friends with benefits? How about your Soul Mate! Do you want the good news first? Your next partner is looking for love too!

Here is the tricky part. If you are still stuck on or traumatized by your last experience of love, well you are just out there attracting more of the same. You hopefully are familiar with that moment where you can see that thread of similarity that has run through all your previous relationships? Not to worry if you don't know your patterns. You can learn to attract a better partner.

Previous Traumas Must Be Recognized and Cleared

My guess is, you are looking for something better or you'd still be in your last relationship. Here are some techniques to help you clear the old patterns and attract the greatest love of your life:

  • Hands-on healing
  • Reiki
  • Past life or early life regression
  • Shamanic journey
  • Hypnotherapy
  • EMDR
  • Traditional psychology

I Offer a Form of Healing Outside and Beyond Any Traditional Methods

To explain in words what happens with Spirit can be difficult, but here it goes. I am a Reiki Master, and of course, I channel our Source just the same as I do during readings. With this, I take you into a Journey of deep realization. This is to bring forward those epiphanies about your love life patterns from early life and past lives. Once you personally experience these revelations you can proceed to reclaim your future love life. Redirect your energy habits and attract your True Love.

Whether you see me for a Love Life Clearing or to find your own way. Please don't sleepwalk right into the next disaster or even "almost great" relationship. I encourage you to examine your past love and let the pains and joys of the past propel you toward your Soul Mate!

True Love is a birthright and meant for you.

Wishing you a GREAT LOVE to challenge any love story ever written.