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Explore Past lives through liturature

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Dancing With Paris

I just read a great book. It is a novel written by Juliette Sobanet called “Dancing With Paris”
It is a quick lively read. I enjoyed the writing, the romance and the adventure this read offers. The unique part of this book is that it addresses the idea of past lives and how they might interplay with our current life experience. Juliette does a splendid job of showing how this might play out in our own life experience. I haven’t read any other book like it. If you have read any novels about past lives, please let me know. It was fun and entertaining but I refuse to give away any of the plot. You really must read and enjoy this for yourself.





“Aleph” is the most recent book by Paulo Coelho
This is also a book that involves past lives. “Aleph” intertwines two of the different lives of the author Paulo Coelho. As we see cause and effect or Karma play out in this novel it becomes a very exciting story. Read it for yourself and let me know what you think.


I offer Past Life Regression and exploration. How might your knowledge of past lives help you?

First: It is fun to explore who what and where you have been.

Second: Insights into your patterns and lessons as a soul

Third: Opportunity through self awareness to make new and enlightened decisions.

Fourth: Knowledge is power

Fifth: You might write a best-selling book about your past life 🙂

I wish you a joyful journey always …past…present…future

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Interpreting Your Dreams

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

We will address 3 different categories of dreams:

1. Dreams with symbols that need to be deciphered.
2. Premonition dreams
3. A theme over the course of the dreams. Perhaps a lesson or guidance.

interpreting dreams

When it comes to books on the subject of dream interpretation, you may find some conflicting opinions or different beliefs regarding what it all means. Dreams are as unique as finger prints, and so is the interpretation. My suggestion now is that you find and skim through 3 different dream interpretation books. Do not (and I know you want to) … but resist the urge to look up every word in your dream journal. You will be drawn to One book more than the other two. Trust this, and buy only one, yes 1, as in Uno. If you purchase more than one, you will drive yourself crazy trying to interpret. I will show you why only one book is needed.

Read your dream journal once all the way through. It will be a fascinating reading, I promise. Let your higher self know that this will be the dream interpretation outline and meanings that you will be using from now on. You don’t need to memorize anything. Your higher self knows how to help you.

Symbols: They can pop up in dreams. Symbols from ancient times, hieroglyphics, or animal totems. I get a lot of symbols in my visions as well in my dreams, and I have found the Herders Symbol Dictionary very handy. Another thing to be aware of is that certain animals have meaning or messages.

Theme Dreams: Often there is a theme throughout the course of several dreams. It’s a theme, and it’s for you from your higher self. Endeavored to accept the meaning in it. If you aren’t able to identify the theme or are have trouble interpreting your dream. Of course, I will be happy to help you with intuitive interpretation.

Premonition: These dreams in my experience have a very different feeling. Once you have had one you always feel the different vibe of a premonition dream.

I will be happy to help with dream interpretation if you find yourself confused or ‘too close’ to the situation.

Sweet Dreams

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How to Remember Your Dreams

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Interpretation is important but first there has to be recollection. Don’t you hate that feeling when you know a dream is there at the edge of your memory, and yet the more you reach for it, the more it reseeds into that forgotten dream zone. It is imperative to remember your dreams so that you can interpret them. And someday perhaps, you can learn to direct your dreams as you dream them. Yes, this can be done.


Here is how to remember your dreams. Begin by intending to remember your dreams . Set this intention every night before bed. Have a paper and pen within easy reach. During the dream state, you will be aware of your intention to hold onto it. When you wake up in the morning, or at any interval, do not move, stay very still and become aware of your dream state and stay in that place between asleep and awake. Remain still, and in the same position as you woke up, while observing the lingering feelings of the dream. Relive your dream all the way through without moving in any way. When you have a good hold on your dream, gently reach for the pen and paper. Write in the dark, stay in your twilight state. As you write the dream down, your memory of the dream becomes more detailed and clear. As you are writing, it is important to write just neutral as if telling someone else’s story. Very important not to analyze or change the dream in any way. Simply write the information. Keeping a journal of your dreams in this way for several weeks will train you to easily remember your dreams.

Close the journal and don’t revisit this page of your journal until we talk next. Keep this dream journal for 7 mornings.

Sweet Dreams………….see you in 7 days

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A Phone Call Home

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Today I bring you a blog post written by my dearest friend and husband, Pete.

When we were young, we played and got into mischief, and our parents, our
mothers and fathers, were patient with us and guided us. Sometimes their
guidance was soft and gentle and sometimes it was swift and firm. All their
actions were done with Love.

As were grew older, our parents still loved us, but we out of the house and
on our own. The need for advice and comfort never leaves us. Our mothers
and fathers are still there watching from afar and always available. When
we do phone them up for help and advice, we usually do a lot of talking at
first. And then there comes a time in the conversation when we want the
advice – and we can only get, and we can only receive the advice we are
seeking when we are listening.

father's day

We can’t absorb the information fully if we are distracted, watching
television or cooking or involved with any other activity. In those really
intense and sometimes emotional discussions, we unconsciously remove
distractions around us. We even search out a quiet room in the house,
sometimes the bathroom (a door with a lock!). We don’t want to miss anything
being said on the other end of the line.

As children of God, and children of the Universe, our God, our Mother, our
Father, watch over us all the time. In times of crisis, we pray to God for
guidance and direction. God, who loves us more than all else, is always
with us and guiding us. Just like a phone call to our parents, in order to
fully absorb and hear the inspiration from God, we need to block out and
remove ourselves from distractions. We need to listen. The more
distractions we can block out, the better we can listen. The better we can
listen to our Mother and our Father, the happier we will be, and the more
peace we will have.

So set aside time to listen – without distractions. Sit quietly 10 minutes
a day. Make that spiritual phone call Home to our Mother/Father God. Enjoy
the inspiration and advice, love and peace that flows to you from the other
end of the line.

Thank you!

Peter Allard

Meet Your Psychic

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

I am very excited to share my new video with you. It is my hope that this video will give clients a chance to peak into the experience of having a session with me. I hope it portrays the space and atmosphere they can expect in a intuitive reading or spiritual healing.

A nice guy named Justin (with Smart Shoot) came to my office to shoot the footage. He asked me to invite some clients as well and with only a 1 day notice. I must say a very big thank you to those who so generously shared their time. A big thank you to Melissa – a client, yoga instructor and meditation teacher in Encinitas. A big hug on the video goes to Cindy who is a client from the San Diego area. Special thanks to Martha has been a client from Sedona, AZ and now lives locally. Martha and I have also been in a very special spiritual circle for 4 years now. Love to my husband Peter who posed for the healing with laying on of stones. It is an Indian ritual using the added healing advantage of precious and semi precious gems. Pete has been a client forever as well as my husband and dearest friend.

We had a great time making this short video and I believe it gives insight into what a personal session with me is like. I hope you enjoy watching it.

Thank You for Making Me a Mom

Sunday, May 11th, 2014

I have three very special people to thank for making me a Mom. They are my children.

I am so grateful that these souls were willing to take a chance on me as their mom and mentor through this life. These souls must have known me before, in other lifetimes. For even before conception, I had visions of them, and we spoke often. It seemed they even knew my weaknesses and strengths. Still, they entrusted me in this lifetime to nurture and care for them body, mind and spirit. I would be their guide though emotional and spiritual development. They would surrender a bit to my judgment throughout their life.

Mother's Day

The thing is I had no idea how very much they would teach me. They taught me to give beyond myself. They taught me to love another with a depth I never knew existed. I learned patience, and trust, and wisdom. They often showed me a more enlighten way to view something. They have really been my mentors. Their love encouraged me when I wanted to cry or quit. That must be how God loves us.

My children have raised me with a wisdom and grace beyond their Earthly years, and I am grateful.

I have also been blessed with a mother who is my dearest friend and confidant. We have shared so many lives together that we have a most special bond. My mother-in-law, a wise and funny woman, is a special mom to me as well. She taught me things I needed to know about home and family. Best of all, she raised the wonderful man that I love.

Thank you, kids. And thank you, moms. You have blessed and enriched my life in more ways than I can ever comprehend.

I love you.

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On Earth Day

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

On Earth Day…

I have a delightful dream. The sky is robin’s egg blue and clear as far as the eye can see. The birds are singing the sun is shining . The breeze is ever so soft and warm.

In the dream, we are out for a family walk. It’s Thursday evening, and we are walking to the farmers market in the center of town. I love Thursday nights. There is always live music, fresh organic produce, and vendors selling delicious food. Call me silly but I can feel the difference in the foods I pick up at my neighborhood farmers market.

As I look around, I see the world has changed. There are more people walking and biking around than when we first moved in. Most kids walk to school. They get extra credit on volunteer hours because they volunteer to walk and reduce our traffic and pollution.


An insightful project was begun many years ago. Kindergarteners began the growing of little sapling trees and these were tended to with love and studied as part of science throughout the grade school years. Each child keeps his own sapling alive from year to year throughout elementary school. Part of graduation from 5th grade is to give back to your community. As the final class project they plant the trees they have raised. Planting them along the path of the stream through town eliminates any extra water usage. In the Fall, families have the option to purchase a tree cutting permit. Select trees will be tagged for thinning, and families have an option to cut down their own Christmas tree. All the money raised from trees goes back to our schools.

Composting is now part of the science program at schools. Lot of lunch garbage is being recycled into dirt and fertilizer.

Not everyone embraced the first neighbor to have their own beehive. More and more beekeepers cropped up among us, and now we are known for our “Honey of the Hills.”

Every home has solar and collection for rain water. Many yards are partially devoted to growing produce. My neighbor raises chickens. At first, I thought they would be noisy and messy. The cooing and clucking blends into all the other sounds of the neighborhood. Kids giggling, dogs barking, and the general buzz of the sounds of nature.

We have become known as the community with the lowest carbon footprint in the nation. We take pride in our community and our Green way of life. It wasn’t without effort and intention that this community became what it was, but you might say we came about organically!

This dream sounds like a little utopia, but then dreams are like that, aren’t they? I believe you have to have a dream before it can come true. My dream is neighbors taking care of neighbors and everyone taking care of the earth.

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Happy St. Patty’s Day

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

Happy Saint Paddy’s to Ye!

We are surrounded by the little people. Fairies, nymphs, leprechauns and the like. Is it just someone’s imagination or do these little sprites of nature really exist among us?

Everything on earth is alive with an unobserved energy. I call it “God” or “Spirit.” Someone more scientific might call it “Quarks” or “Quantum Physics.” The fact remains that animate or inanimate objects from the smallest to the largest pulse with energy. Living among us is an active and lively unseen energy. Is it such a stretch then to imagine that there are other levels of existence which most of us cannot observe? Pulses we cannot see with the average human eye?

As we know, our “spirit world” of people exists whether they have a body or not. So do the spirits of every living thing. They have life regardless of whether we are gifted with the sight to see them.

feeling energy
These lovely “little fairies” and “gnomes” are still with us today. They are depicted much as they have been since early times. We have sketches, new and old, stories, dolls and statues. All of which were created by our imaginations. And still, they survive era after era because on some level, we know them to be true. They are seen by those gifted with a sixth sense of sight and depicted all over the world in various cultures and societies.

Just for fun imagine what a water spirit, or sprite, might look like. A fire spirit or that of a tree. The world is very much alive and full of mischief. Look beyond your five senses. What do you imagine? Soften your vision and look with your third eye. What do you see? The aura of another life perhaps?

Angels take wing in our presence every moment. Although many are not aware of this, it still remains true. What would be the harm if we all allow ourselves to believe in a little blarney?

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Letter to God

Friday, February 28th, 2014

I am enjoying all the blog posts my dear friend, Elena Vega, is writing. If you have done a Dream Board, you might like reading her Letter to God. I think it might be beneficial to some of you. -Shawna

Letter to God

I mentioned how I met my boyfriend. No, I didn’t join or go to a bar every night. It was very simple. I focused my thoughts and feelings on having a boyfriend. We’ve been together now for almost a year.

Another manifestation, I was being evicted from my apartment. I focused my thoughts and feelings on an affordable place to live, and I found a beautiful home well within my price range. Now, I want to manifest other things.

I want a lot of things. We all do, and for me, there’s nothing wrong with wanting. I know how to manifest my desires. I’ve done it before, and I can do it again. That’s why I’m going to work on my vibration.

I’m going to tell a different story in a thank you letter to God. I’m going to tell the story as if everything I want has already manifested. I’m going to do this everyday, several times a day. It’s the same thing as daily affirmations or making a vision/ dream board. It’s like a marathon. You don’t just get up and run 22 miles. You have to train for it. By telling this new story, I am warming up to running my marathon and getting my medal. The more I practice my story, the easier it will be to tell.

sunset walk

Dear God,
I am so deeply thankful for everything that has happened in my life. I have a handsome man next to me who loves me and adores me, and I love and adore him. I love how everyone – our friends, our family, our kids- they see our love, and they benefit from seeing us together. Our kids are happy, healthy, and smart. They go to very good schools, and their teachers care about their education and general well-being. The kids have fun when we get together with our friends for BBQs and sports games. I love our home. It’s warm and comfortable and close to the beach. There’s a lot of light in the kitchen. We have great neighbors who take care of us, and vice versa. I go walking with one of our neighbors, but I don’t need to exercise. I’ve lost 20 pounds since the baby, eating anything I want. I look and feel amazing. I like being able to park my Lexus on the street and not worry. My career is booming. We have a nice savings that affords us a lot. We’re going on a Disney cruise with the kids this year instead of Hawaii, but we haven’t decided if we’re going for 7 days or 10 days. I love my life. Thank you. -Elena

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My Most Profound Meditation

Friday, February 21st, 2014

One of my most profound and memorable meditations was actually very early after I learned to meditate.

It was Feb 14th, the best day I was told to chant “Om Nama Shiviya.” I was having the most pleasant meditation, despite my constant effort to ‘not think anything.’

Quite suddenly I was catapulted through space and time. I exploded into another realm. It was very much like Star Trek when they go into Hyper Space. The picture that I saw in that “Hyper Space” moment was like an opal illuminated and glowing with a halo of light. It almost looked like the Sun with light pouring through it from the backside, spraying and fanning out all around it. It was like looking directly into the sun without being able to, or wanting to, disengage. I was completely disconnected from this body and even the universe. I was only consciousness. This was a sensational experience such that I can only attempt to describe.


I experienced a sort of explosion of absolute release and joy far greater than any physical orgasm. Yet, that is the closest way I can describe it. It was beyond an orgasm of gargantuan proportion. This was like an orgasm of body, mind, and spirit in total orchestra.

I have been meditating since 1988. I’ve had other fantastic experiences, but this opened something very powerful in my spiritual quest.

In 25 years, I have not recorded much of my meditations. I have experienced so much that I wish I had recorded every experience however mundane or exciting. During my meditation journey, I have glimpses of lessons, past life recalls, visits from loved ones that have passed over. I have had out-of-body experiences, prophecy, and I have felt the Earth move. There have been visits to other galaxies, geometric shapes, and colors. I have seen spectacular light shows and heard sounds from another dimension. I have been blessed to experience the past, present, and future of clients and myself. I am grateful and humbled by the many other souls that have allowed me a glimpse of them as divinity.

With all these rich experiences, meditation continues to draw me to the heart of God.

I have also been to a place they call “The Void.” At first, a few sepia-like pictures formed of Great Masters such as Jesus and 2 others known to me but without a name. A powerful flash of light and the world just seemed to fall out from under me. I felt suspended, and then I felt ‘nothing’. At first, I tried to describe it as neutral or nothing. I can’t give words to describe “The Void.” because it cannot really be described even as nothing. To describe anything, it becomes some-thing rather than no-thing.

Are you caught up in meditation for the entertainment of it? To accomplish something such as receiving answers? Remember please that meditation is to join with God, just as you visit a loved one, not to have a flashy experience. It is such a blessing to visit God. Not looking for an outcome but to be in the presence of God even for a moment. I still get distracted. Some visits are spectacular, and some are a bit more on the uneventful side. All are blessed moments with our creator.

Meditation is to be with God. To know yourself and to know God.

What are some of your meditation experiences?


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