Why We Loved Hume Lake | Appreciating Nature's Blessings

Posted on 26th July, 2021

I am an avid camper and nature lover and our most recent family camping trip to Hume Lake impressed me so much that I had to share the experience and write something about it, we really had a blast!

If you are not familiar with Hume Lake, let me tell you a little bit about this wonderful natural location. Hume Lake is located in the Sierra Nevada, within the Sequoia National Forest.

The 87-acre lake is surrounded by a tall pine trees forest that creates a fairy-tale-like atmosphere. There are also various fun activities you can enjoy here, such as:

  • swimming
  • paddling
  • kayaking
  • hiking

How Spending Time in Nature Can Strengthen Your Relationships

The best part about the trip was that our whole family got together and we got to spend some quality time with each other in a gorgeous natural setting. Maybe you've noticed that nature has a way of bringing people closer together, we've sure felt it during our trip, this is one of the great blessings that nature is offering us. Being in nature helps us calm our minds, see past our thoughts and reconnect to our essence that is Divine Spirit.

When we are in our highest spiritual state, we stop holding grudges, we let go of the past and we manage to live fully in the present moment. The present usually offers us many things to be grateful for, it is just our thoughts of the past/future that create suffering and bring separation from our loved ones. Nature helps us come back to the present and be grateful for what the Holy Spirit is offering us.

If you are having relationship issues with a loved one, whether it be your spouse, a family member, or even a close friend, try to get them to walk with you, maybe to your local forest or park, or even to just sit with you in your yard, if that's all that is possible. Spending time in nature with someone else can greatly improve your relationship, especially if done daily. Every day would be best but if you don't have the time it also works if you do it once a week. I've learned that if you let more than a week pass you will not experience the same benefits.

Why Spirit Wants Us to Connect with Nature

We can admire God's work everywhere around us when we spend time in nature. Nature is Divine Spirit, just as we are. That is why we are drawn to nature and why being in nature has so many benefits. Because when we are in nature, we are finally whole, we are connected to our inner self, roots, we are just how Spirit meant us to be, we are free.

Just being present in nature gives us so much to be grateful for and it benefits us in so many ways:

  • the fresh, clean air clears our lungs and fills us with energy
  • walking barefoot on the ground improves sleep, reduces pain, decreases muscle tension, and lowers stress
  • hugging a tree increases your oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine levels making you feel calmer, happier, and more loved
  • being in the sun has so many health benefits including improving your sleep, reducing stress, fighting off depression, and strengthening your immune system.

Besides nature being of great help to us, we can also be of help to nature. Studies have shown that plants react to the way they are treated and they can feel emotions, in their own way. Nowadays, many people fail to empathize with nature and just use it for their own profit, harming it in the process. This is why it is so important for us to show our love towards Mother Nature, she needs to feel that there are still many of us that love and appreciate her and that we are grateful for all the blessings she provides.

Let nature's blessings help you overcome your struggles and let it bring us all closer together. If you feel stuck in your life, depressed, anxious even when you spend time in nature every day, let me help you. Many of my clients received valuable, life-changing insights from Spirit during our reading sessions.