Letter to God

Posted on 22nd November, 2019

I am enjoying all the blog posts my dear friend, Elena Vega is writing. If you have done a Dream Board, you might like reading her Letter to God. I think it might be beneficial to some of you. -Shawna

I mentioned how I met my boyfriend. No, I didn't join Match.com or go to a bar every night. It was very simple. I focused my thoughts and feelings on having a boyfriend. We've been together now for almost a year.

Another manifestation, I was being evicted from my apartment. I focused my thoughts and feelings on an affordable place to live, and I found a beautiful home well within my price range. Now, I want to manifest other things.

I want a lot of things. We all do, and for me, there's nothing wrong with wanting. I know how to manifest my desires. I've done it before, and I can do it again. That's why I'm going to work on my vibration.

I'm Going to Tell a Different Story in a Thank You Letter to God

I'm going to tell the story as if everything I want has already manifested. I'm going to do this every day, several times a day. It's the same thing as daily affirmations or making a vision/dream board. It's like a marathon. You don't just get up and run 22 miles. You have to train for it. By telling this new story, I am warming up to running my marathon and getting my medal. The more I practice my story, the easier it will be to tell.

Dear God,

I am so deeply thankful for everything that has happened in my life. I have a handsome man next to me who loves me and adores me, and I love and adore him. I love how everyone - our friends, our family, our kids - they see our love, and they benefit from seeing us together. Our kids are happy, healthy, and smart. They go to very good schools, and their teachers care about their education and general well-being. The kids have fun when we get together with our friends for BBQs and sports games. I love our home. It's warm and comfortable and close to the beach. There's a lot of light in the kitchen. We have great neighbors who take care of us and vice versa. I go walking with one of our neighbors, but I don't need to exercise. I've lost 20 pounds since the baby, eating anything I want. I look and feel amazing. I like being able to park my Lexus on the street and not worry. My career is booming. We have nice savings that afford us a lot. We're going on a Disney cruise with the kids this year instead of Hawaii, but we haven't decided if we're going for 7 days or 10 days. I love my life. Thank you. -Elena