Dream Boards

Posted on 27th November, 2019

My family and I have been making dream boards for close to 20 years now.

Young children have dreams too, and I have seen my kids attract good friends, good grades and fun accomplishments while they were growing up. You may have heard them called 'Goals Boards' or 'Vision Boards.' I also make my own Dream Board every year, usually in January, with a group of business women.

Here Is Our Style

We like to begin by inviting God to join us for our highest good and depending on the group this might be prayer, meditation, or a moment to silently set our intention. We all bring magazines to share. Any magazine has the potential to contain just the right picture or saying for someone. We gather around a big table or on the floor and clip out potential sayings and photos. We discuss what each person is manifesting and share just the right picture with each other if we come across it. We laugh and cry sometimes as we confess our deepest desires. I find this is an important part of getting in touch with what you really desire.

Mostly We Have Used Poster Boards to Construct Our 'Goals' Collage

Some people prefer to use a binder page or many pages. The binder works especially well to tuck it away privately and also to devote a page to each affirmation. My husband and I enjoy keeping ours in our walk-in closet. This way we see it every day and we can support each other in our goals. We have also made goals boards that represent the whole family together.

After we have collected many potential treasures in the form of sayings and pictures, we begin to construct our boards. Sorting and gluing is a very individual process. Some like to plop all of it on together and others prefer an area devoted on the board to each dream. Ideally, it is a creative and very personal, perhaps even passionate process.

Anything Goes If it Inspires You and Represents Your Dreams

I would, however, caution the use of the photo of a particular person that you desire. This actually limits the creativity in the universe. It is a better choice to put photos of people in love that exhibit or exude the feeling you wish to have in love. There may be a love out there far more suited to you and you can this way attract the essence or experience of the love you desire.

Dream boards can be embellished with anything you enjoy. I typically add glitter to mine. It reminds me of pixy dust, magic, or the sparkle of spirit. Plus, I just love sparkle.

In the end, we go around the group and share what we have chosen for our Dream Boards and why. We end with a prayer of intent that each person's dreams manifest in the perfect way for them.

Have fun and watch as everything on your dream board becomes a reality in your life. Namaste.