How to Strengthen Your Intuition

Posted on 28th October, 2022

Obsessing on trying to control the outcome of our actions is no peaceful way to live. Still, there is a powerful attribute that we can all try to activate and count on to carry us through our hardships - intuition or inner knowing.

Turning up the volume on that reliable inner voice that we are equipped with allows us to make split-second decisions without missing opportunities or overanalyzing; think of professionals across business, arts, sports, and other areas of practice often confronted with demanding situations that go beyond physical preparation or intellectual abilities.

Developing Your Intuitive Sense

Knowing when to make the right move might come naturally to some people more than others, but intuition is at the very core of our being. Everyone possesses an intuitive sense and can sharpen it to some extent. Researchers believe that intuition is ingrained in neuroscience, and the human brain possesses two separate thinking modes:

  • Analytical or left-brain thinking - described as focusing more on facts.
  • Intuitive or right-brain thinking - described as more feeling-oriented, creative and bigger-picture thinking.

Learn to listen to yourself and reflect upon the different voices in your head regularly, taking notice of how they make you feel. Drawing out your inner voice requires sifting through past experiences and accumulated knowledge.

Practice Strengthening Your Intuitive Thinking

Creating a habit of actively working on and trusting your intuition will undoubtedly strengthen it and lead to positive results arising from intuitive decision-making. Regular practice techniques known to contribute to well-deserved outcomes include:

  • Breathing exercises - this type of practice grounds you in the present moment and connects your thoughts to your inner voice.
  • Right-brain meditations - allow your imaginative side to harmonize with your analytical mind without mutual interference. Try to let your imagination unlock your thoughts.
  • Pay attention to your dreams - your cognitive mind is resting while you sleep, leaving the path open for the subconscious mind to generate signals through your dreams.
  • Focus on your senses - taking in everything around you with your conventional senses can heighten your sensitivity to the sixth sense.
  • Engage in creative activities - when your cognitive mind is on neutral, and you free your creative side, you allow your intuition to rise.
  • Enjoy nature - placing technology on hold and getting immersed in the natural world can inspire your intuitive senses.
  • Try reading books on how to develop your intuition - I recommend my book "Knowing" to anyone looking to learn how to be guided by the voice of their intuition.

Open Your Intuitive Force

Intuition provides a better understanding of yourself, your flaws, and your strengths so that you can inspire any changes you desire in your life. Regularly practicing strengthening your inner voice is the ideal way to reveal your true light and accomplish your greatest aspirations.

My readings will help awaken your intuitive thinking potential and guide you toward a more profound understanding of how to act upon your intuition.