How I Found My Love

Posted on 12th February, 2019

Here is a wonderful blog post by a good friend of mine, Elena Vega. Thank you for writing this.

A few years ago, I started wondering if I would ever find love again. A messy divorce, my finances ruined and my daughter, asking about her "never around" dad. That experience left me with such a terrible taste in my mouth. Still, I wanted to love again. I wanted someone to be with me in my day-to-day challenges and successes. I wanted the companionship of a partner, but the feeling of loneliness was so familiar to me.

One day, I was talking with one of my girlfriends, and I started complaining about my loveless love life. She said, "Maybe you're not ready. If you were ready, wouldn't you already have a partner?"

It was like someone had dropped a ton of bricks on top of me. You see, I believe in the Law of Attraction. In short, the law of attraction says that anything that is like unto itself is drawn. If I am putting attention to the lack of a lover, the universe will bring me more of that. It is hard not to notice the absence of something we want. It used to hurt that I didn't have a lover, but mostly, I was used to feeling the hurt of my ex-husband.

In order to attract a lover, I had to focus my energy, my attention, and my feelings elsewhere. I know this is easier said than done, but it had to be done. I was tired of being lonely.

Every Day, I Would Focus My Attention for a Few Minutes Writing and Saying Each of these Statements

I didn't just say these statements. I felt each of them. That is the most important key to this message. Thinking them first, then feeling them. I got to a point where I felt so good, that it really didn't matter if my lover came or not.

I was too busy feeling the goodness of what a lover felt like. I know through the Law of Attraction, I didn't have to do anything or go anywhere in order for it to happen. The only thing I had to do was tend to my own vibration. When it feels easy and there is no resistance, the Universe must provide. And it did. He is exactly what I had been feeling for - easy, comfortable, happy, fun, love.

Here are the statements:

  • I remember being in a happy relationship.
  • I remember feeling loved by a lover.
  • It feels good to love a lover.
  • It's amazing to hear someone tell me they love me.
  • I love the warmth of my lover in my bed.
  • It feels incredible to be adored by my lover.
  • The feeling of being deeply in love is unreal.
  • I like being in an easy relationship.
  • When I'm in love, it's captivating.
  • I like being in a gentle, soft, comfortable relationship.
  • There's joy, happiness, and fun in a relationship.
  • It feels good to think about my lover.

If you're still wondering if he's THE ONE on Valentine's Day, call Shawna, she knows.