Healing Yourself With the Power of Your Mind

Posted on 30th July, 2022

In the past decades, scientists have conducted several studies to prove what the great ancient healers and philosophers - Aristotle, Plato, and Hippocrates - stated thousands of years ago; thoughts and emotions have a powerful impact on human health.

The power of the mind and the solid body-mind-spirit connection always fascinated me. I've experienced countless times that my clients' mindset is a critical factor in their healing journey. The mind-body connection is, no doubt is, a powerful one. Self-healing isn't just a myth. There are many reports of spontaneous remission of diseases when people transform their mindset. Redefining your thoughts and beliefs can have real, long-lasting impacts on our physical health.

You Can Create a Healthy Life With the Power of Your Thoughts

Everything that happens to you is influenced by beliefs that are rooted in the subconscious. These beliefs often lead to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that lead to illness and suffering. But the reverse is also true. You have the ability to make positive transformations in your body through the power of your mind. All living beings and everything around you - what you believe to be reality - are made up of energy fields.

Quantum physicists have shown by quantum experiments that mind and matter cannot be taken separately; they are essentially interconnected because the subjective mind makes measurable changes in the objective physical world, including our own bodies. By transforming your thoughts, you create a new electromagnetic field, but for this to happen, you need to be aware of all the beliefs that are in the subconscious that are causing energy blocks and making you sick.

How to Tap Into the Healing Power of Your Mind

Believe - The first and most difficult step in making steps on your healing journey is to believe it's possible. How can you convince yourself that you are perfectly healthy when your body aches with pain and physical suffering? You can achieve excellent health; you just need to sincerely believe in the power of your thoughts or the impact of your actions. The result depends on how convinced you are of the self-healing process. Open your mind and imagine the healthy person you want to be and feel what being that healthy person feels like.

Be optimistic - Optimist people enjoy better health and overall wellbeing than pessimist ones. Whatever you focus on goes out into the universe and attracts the energies that resonate with your focus. It's like a vacuum that absorbs everything you think about. The more powerful your thoughts, the more powerful the attraction. Focus on health will bring health. It is difficult to focus on the good and stay optimistic when the trouble seems all-pervasive, but it is worth all the effort.

Be grateful - I have seen so many times that my clients who are grateful are more likely to heal, so take a few minutes each evening to write your gratitude thoughts in a notebook.

Simple Ways to Use the Power of Your Mind for Self-Healing

The most important thing in learning and mastering self-programming for health is to have the necessary guidance, will, and patience. There are several techniques that are based on the transformative power of the mind; here are a few simple ones that anyone can use on a daily basis:

Finally, no matter how many days it takes you, practice with patience and know that you will succeed because you are stronger and more capable than you give yourself credit. Anytime you need help and guidance, feel free to contact me; I'm here to help you on your journey to a healthy and happy life.