Posted on 6th November, 2020

Affirmations are powerful. I want to share with you my favorite approaches to affirmations and how they work. You may be familiar with affirmations already, and this will act as a gentle reminder to use them and reap the benefits.

A good effective affirmation might be as simple as "I am Healthy". To make an affirmation more powerful, I like to add an adjective such as Vibrantly. "I am vibrantly healthy" really conjures up a picture in the mind. It is important to affirm the object or virtue of your desire as if it is already a reality, so try adding the word 'now' at the end. Especially when we accept truths about us from others, our name is often involved, so it is very helpful to include your name in the affirmation as well. An example now of our more advanced affirmation would read like this "I Shawna (inserting your own name of course) am vibrantly health Now." She Shawna is Vibrantly healthy now. You Shawna are vibrantly healthy now.

In case you have never used affirmations, I will include some tips to help empower you:

  • Affirmations should be written in the present tense. In other words, affirming as if the desired result already exists.
  • Keep all wording in affirmations positive. Discover ways to say what you do want and not what you don't want to create.
  • I am is one of the most powerful ways to begin an affirmation.

Affirmations that are short and to the point are best. Words that rhyme, as well as words that share the same first letter or in any way, have a singsong style seem to stick with us. "I am healthy, wealthy, and wise" makes a superb affirmation. Healthy and wealthy rhyme. Wealthy and wise is an antonym (beginning with the same first letter). It is simple, and the singsong style makes it stick in your mind. Have you ever had the jingle to a song stuck in your mind all day?

Include your name when you can. It is a powerful trigger as well.

We hear affirmations all our lives from family and peers. Regardless if they are positive or negative, they contribute to our beliefs about ourselves. Therefore, it is useful to address affirmations in the second and third person as well.

Writing affirmations down put them into 3-dimensional reality. This adds far more power to your intent than just repeating them in your mind.

The best time to write affirmations is right before sleep, and immediately upon rising. This is when the subconscious is the most open to your suggestions.

Try writing the affirmation 10 times in each of the three variations. Feel the joy in this new reality each time you write it out. Continue writing every morning and evening until it has fully manifested in your life. May all your dreams come true.

More information can be found in my award-winning book Knowing: