Dying to be Born Again

Posted on 30th July, 2020

I have a very short bucket list. I am getting a bit ahead of myself I suppose, but I often think about my next life and the way I would love to live the adventure of it. I will always return as a spiritual teacher and I am thrilled with this.

I suppose It might be a bit like hobbies I would like to master when I think of careers I want to perfect in future lives. I have a long list of jobs/callings that I am actually eager to come back in a new life and be able to enjoy. Spirit and I laugh because I am forever saying how I want to come back. I am interested in always coming back to help others awaken their spiritual knowledge as well.

Here's my list:

  • Geologist
  • Gemologist
  • Florist
  • Surgeon
  • Herbal healer
  • Jewelry designer

Bucket List for Your Next Life

Did you know that the interests you have in this life often stem from the expertise you held in a previous life? Would you like to know more about it? I'm a�certified past life regressionist and can help you tap into the knowledge of your past lives that will bring positive changes to your life. Tap into the knowledge of your ancestors to find the answers you have been looking for. Ever wonder why one person picks up an instrument and instantly plays beautiful music?

If you study something in this life which interests you, and even if you never manage to master it, you can take these skills into a future life. I have heard clients in their 80s be recommended in a psychic reading to play the piano, or learn to draw, study clock making. Usually, they will say: "oh my gosh, I have always been interested in that but never had time," or "I would love that, but it's just too late for me to get any good." Also,"what would I do with such knowledge?" I find it refreshing and encouraging to realize that any skill or knowledge will build within you at a soul level and is never lost. Have you thought about adventures in this life that you would like to add to your bucket list but feel the time has passed you up? Even if you could no longer accomplish rock climbing, deep-sea diving, or cave exploration in this life for whatever reason, don't give up. Just move it from your bucket list and add it to your next life list.