Artwork of Angels - Story of the Wax Candle

Posted on 8th March, 2021

This is a picture that a very dear ghost left for me as a parting gift. In 1994, one of my clients asked me to join his practice. He was a psychiatrist and he had a female psychologist working with him as well, who was also a client of mine.

The practice was in Old Orange near the Orange Circle and Chapman University in a transformed old home. He wanted me to join the practice for a balance of services we could all offer.

He also asked me there for my energy business and style as the place was haunted. The spirit that maintained the residence in this old home was actually very sweet and we got along just great. I worked there for a few years and loved it.

It was easier for me however to work from home while my children were young and so, eventually; I returned to my home office. Subsequently, the home has been torn down and taken over in the expansion of Chapman University. It was the very last day I would work in the office in Old Orange, and I was seeing my very last client of the day.

Magic Happens During My Reading Sessions

I always burn a candle during my sessions, and this day was no different. The candle I lit was burned the last couple of days for a total of 6-8 hours and was not new but still a very sturdy pillar candle of 6 x 3 (60-70 hour candle).

I was in a trance and my client was absorbed in her reading, so neither of us saw the transformation take place. In just 45 minutes this very chunky candle that would usually last for weeks of daily use, melted completely flat into a lovely angel picture across the tabletop. We had both been so preoccupied with the reading that we were pleasantly surprised to see the artwork of angels right before our eyes. My client and I both in awe and moved to tears felt the touch of a very special angel at that moment.

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