Giving Back

Shawna has always enjoyed involvement in community planning and charity causes.

Her volunteer history includes special event committee for Town or Vail, San Elijo Hills, Vail Ambassador volunteer for Gerry Ford Golf Tournament, Bob Hope and various other Charity events.

She has a volunteer history with Red Cross, Crystal Ball, Jerry's KId's telethon and fundraising for CSUSM local scholarships. She regularly supports the Boys and Girls Club, and Women's Empowerment.

As a member of the San Elijo Women's Club, she has the opportunity to help out with several varied charities.

Her special fondness is for Women's Empowerment and a percentage of book sales and business income goes to support women around the world. Please reference the last page of her award-winning book KNOWING to learn how your contribution can help an impoverished woman begin her own business and feed her children.

I am grateful for all your referrals!!!