Velveeta Visions

Posted on 12th January, 2019

My dear friend just lost her beloved stepmother, the woman who raised her, the woman who changed her life.

I am at the grocery store picking up supplies to make dinner for her and her family. I have an overwhelming desire for a Velveeta grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. Food from my childhood but totally not on my current healthy eating repertoire. It ends up being such a project to find Velveeta cheese (it's not the 50's anymore Betty Jane).

Here Is the Kicker...

I came home with dinner supplies, yes, but her kids were at my house and I began preparing the craved lunch of grilled cheese. My neighbor walks in to check on the kiddos and I offer her lunch too.

This is a woman who exists on coffee and vegetables and here I am offering a fake cheese sandwich. We all deal with death differently but I really didn't expect grilled cheese to bring on the flood of feelings.

It turns out that the first time she met her stepmom, her stepmom made her a Velveeta Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. The first such sandwich she had ever eaten. The first time she met her stepmom was huge but this new kind of sandwich was pretty exciting too. It all brought about a trip through memories and feelings she had all but forgotten. Tears between women can cleanse and set us right like a fresh shower.

I am thankful that I followed my intuition to seek out the Velveeta, and to offer my friend an unorthodox grilled cheese.

Who knew the real Healing Power of fake cheese.

Always trust your intuition. If you are interested in understanding, awakening, and using your intuition, I invite you to attend one of my classes. I'd be happy to guide you on this wonderful journey.