The Beauty of Synchronicity

Posted on 12th May, 2020

Synchronicity is that uncanny coincidence, a startling serendipity of events that causes us to question if that coincidence has meaning. We have all thought of someone for the first time in years only to receive a phone call or chance meeting with them in a short period of time. That is probably synchronicity born of intuition wouldn't you say?

I imagine you have some interesting stories about synchronicities in your life. What did you make of them? I have had many such events and usually have found them to be as if a punctuation mark is put to the end of my question. I was once asking if I should give consideration to a man named Christopher. As I pulled to stop at a red light, I noticed a very out-of-the-ordinary bumper-sticker pasted to the car in front of me. It simply read 'Christopher.' To me, it seemed a very clear message of yes, and I must say I cannot think of any reason someone would produce or purchase a bumper-sticker such as this. The Sticker didn't have a 'vote for' or any other word of reference as to what the message might be about.

Synchronicity Is All-Around Us

I have always found Synchronicity a bit titillating and mystical even though I know it happens all the time. Don't you just get a slight tickle in your Soul just to be included in synchronicity? I believe these events are moments when we are in step with the Divine, connected and moving in harmonious rhythm with the will of God so to speak. Many people have a number that shows up for them often and at key moments. They can be:

  • A small element in the universe saying 'yes you're right where you belong at this moment or perhaps 'yes the thought you are thinking is in step with God/Goddess.'
  • Additional numerological meaning behind the numbers that come up in repeat for you. (Numerology is very interesting fun and I promise to write about it soon.)

Oftentimes our synchronistic serendipitous moments are simply fun to observe and other times we are left wondering if it is a message from the Universe, or just our imagination playing with us. I believe Spirit is usually trying to communicate with us on the level we can perceive. If it feels like an answer to a prayer or question, I say roll with it for a moment and feel intuitive if it is a boost or punctuation mark to your Knowing. It should also be considered as a possibility that you are fooling yourself and making up a confirmation of what you desire. Try to pause directly, when you are experiencing synchronicity, and pause specifically before you think it at all. If it is Spirit giving you intuitive guidance the worst thing you can do is rush into interpretation. Sit with it, feel it, observing only what is and not what it could hopefully mean.

What Synchronicity Means for Me

Long before I fully accepted the intuitive words that came through me, Spirit often spoke to me in the form of songs that would get trapped on repeat in my head. These were not songs in full but rather one annoying repetition of a few words and a melody. I knew it was a something but was often not sure of a full sentence or meaning until later in the day when the song would appear in full.

Now you might think, of course, that it came on the radio and I realized I had heard it before, but not quite. In two such cases, I was given the gift of a CD and once a homemade tape (Those my age will remember making our own custom playlist on tape...remember those?) When the full song played the message, it became undeniably clear both in meaning and of course in Spirits' intended guidance to me.

I don't always follow my own advice on this however and you know as I do how hard it is not to jump to conclusions when you believe you have just received a big fat yes to your question. When I was over 40 and wishing to become pregnant for the third time, it became anticipation and excitement which was all I could think about. So, as I am walking out to my car one lovely morning guess where my thoughts were. I was certainly not in mindfulness of the moment at all. No, my monkey mind was swimming in my personal whorl pool of thoughts. Could I become pregnant? Boy? Girl? When? The specific thought of this very moment was: 'I wonder if we will be a family of 5?' At that precise footfall in time, I stepped on a nickel. Yep, a nickel means 5 cents and I wanted it to be a sign. I knew with full conviction that my question was answered! I enjoyed my personal Knowing to the fullest and celebrated in my heart as well as sharing it with my hubby. What if it was nothing more than a sign that someone had a hole in their pocket? That never even occurred to me. We did get pregnant and have a third child making us a family of 5.

Life should be fun, miraculous and synchronicity might be just one way in which Spirit entertains and communicates with us. I hope you enjoy synchronicity and follow your inner guidance. It will make life more fun and adventurous while bringing you closer to Divine guidance. Would you like to experience Spirit's insightful guidance? Let me help you.