Thank You for Making Me a Mom

Posted on 19th January, 2019

I have three very special people to thank for making me a Mom. They are my children.

I am so grateful that these souls were willing to take a chance on me as their mom and mentor through this life. These souls must have known me before, in other lifetimes. For even before conception, I had visions of them, and we spoke often. It seemed they even knew my weaknesses and strengths. Still, they entrusted me in this lifetime to nurture and care for them body, mind, and spirit. I would be their guide though emotional and spiritual development. They would surrender a bit to my judgment throughout their life.

The Thing Is I Had No Idea How Very Much They Would Teach Me

They taught me to give beyond myself. They taught me to love another with a depth I never knew existed. I learned patience, and trust, and wisdom. They often showed me a more enlightened way to view something. They have really been my mentors. Their love encouraged me when I wanted to cry or quit. That must be how God loves us.

My children have raised me with wisdom and grace beyond their Earthly years, and I am grateful.

I have also been blessed with a mother who is my dearest friend and confidant. We have shared so many lives together that we have a most special bond. My mother-in-law, a wise and funny woman, is a special mom to me as well. She taught me things I needed to know about home and family. Best of all, she raised the wonderful man that I love.

Thank you, kids. And thank you, moms. You have blessed and enriched my life in more ways than I can ever comprehend.

I love you.