Teaching Children to Become Aware of Their Heart Center

Posted on 22nd May, 2023

The Heart Center is the very essence of inner peace, nurturing our souls to flourish in this energy. It is the bridge to our divine essence, carrying messages of wisdom, intuition, and spiritual freedom.

In alignment with our mind and body, the Heart Center can impact our emotions, physical health, and overall life experiences. Teaching children to become aware of their "heart light," as I call it with my children, puts them in touch with their ability: to heal their bodies and tune into the love in the Universe.

Creating an Unbreakable Heart Connection With Your Child

A balanced Heart Center develops a solid relationship with yourself and your child, built on trust and unconditional love. I'd like to share a fun family exercise for developing awareness of this center and sharing love:

  • Sit a few feet away from your child. Ask your child to close their eyes and look inside the area of the heart, where they will see and feel a light or a warm glow, maybe even a color.
  • Then you should try to imagine your light stretching to the other's heart and sending out loving energy.
  • Ask the child to feel your love, your "heart light" touching his. Move further apart and, eventually, rooms apart while sending and receiving the heart light of love from each other.
  • Focus your attention on your heart and place your hand over your chest to encourage this connection.
  • Tell your child that when they are apart from you at school, you'll be able to send them love through your heart light, and they will be able to feel it.
  • Teach your child to be grateful and keep a gratitude journal where they can write what they feel thankful for every day.

The centerpiece of our spiritual pursuits, the Heart Center rests on a foundation of love and appreciation. When balanced, you attract more joy and affection into your world, and those who vibrate with you get to experience enhanced spiritual growth.

The Essence of an Awakened Soul

An open heart reveals true happiness and guides us toward finding our true purpose. A balanced Heart Center helps build a strong parent-child relationship. To establish deeper connections, you need to be able to connect on a higher level through your hearts.

My spiritually aligned guidance methods will help your connection with your child flourish and harness your power of true awakening.