Restructuring Your Self-Limiting Belief System

Posted on 5th March, 2023

We all have that area in our life that doesn't work as well as we'd like, a downside that uncovers a highly destructive force in the form of negative thoughts. These unfavorable factors significantly affect our development and goal achievement levels, both personally and professionally.

However, there is a way to shape a positive outcome by changing your thinking and taking charge of the future that your belief system is continuously in the process of creating.

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

A limiting belief is an unconscious thought or a state of mind that, in most cases, appears as a defense mechanism in order to avoid disappointment. This blocking method might apparently shield you from immediate frustrations, but in fact, it hinders your achieving capability. The origins of these limiting beliefs can derive from:

  • personal experiences
  • hereditary beliefs
  • excuses used for fear of failing
  • peer pressure
  • religious beliefs
  • society's standards

We have the ability to believe in any idea that we want; we only have to accept it as true, even if it is not regarded in the same way according to someone else's standards. Positive beliefs empower us to overcome our condition and are liberating, as opposed to negative ones that create barriers in our lives. To discover your limiting beliefs, just:

  • think about the things you would like to accomplish
  • look for the justification you find for not working toward your goals

The inherited rules we adopted in our early years can quickly transform into limiting beliefs when we reach adulthood, together with the negative experiences we live along the way that can greatly impact our self-perception.

How to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

The first thing you need to do when starting to rebuild your belief system is to work on recognizing self-restraining thoughts as soon as they take place. This will trigger your belief-questioning capacity. Once aware of your restricting mindset, you can begin to adopt new beliefs by following the steps of a very straightforward strategy:

  • Begin in meditation: Reach up to the sun or a globe of golden light. Bring it down through your being with the intent of illuminating the area of your body where you detect a dark area or clustered knot that stores the conflicting belief. Take the golden light there.
  • Ask yourself what exactly are the beliefs and memories that are stored there. At what age did they come about? What is the experience or memory associated with the area and belief? Now imagine that holding area opens up, and the old belief leaks out just as gas might leak from a puffed-up balloon. Let it go forever.
  • Enter into a fantasy in which you have a different experience, a pleasurable experience with your desired outcome. What belief system will support that fantasy to become a reality? Next, fill the area with a symbol of your new belief. Now see that symbol moving into each and every cell of your entire body. Hold it there. Feel the shift.
  • You may wish to enter into the meditation by asking, "Where are my beliefs of lack and limitation stored in my body?" In locating where they are, you become aware of the belief systems inherited from your parents at about age 3. First, imagine that you release the old. See it filter out of the space in which it is held.
  • Consciously create the belief system that would support the desired outcome instead of the disappointing result. By restructuring beliefs at a cellular level, you become a powerful manifestor of whatever you truly desire.

Spiritual Counseling for Eliminating Self-Limiting Beliefs

If you wish to make your dreams a reality, you need help to get rid of any barriers holding you back. My spiritually-aligned intuitive readings will guide you throughout the healing process toward achieving:

  • individual development
  • positive outcomes
  • a higher self-awareness and motivation
  • an improved belief system

When you realize that you can eliminate the negative thoughts that previously prevented you from reaching your goals, you will discover how healthy beliefs can completely change your life for the better.