Proud Momma of a Young Man

Posted on 27th July, 2021

I have an extraordinary young Man to thank for making me a Mom. He is my son. Motherhood has been one of my favorite callings and greatest joys after 33 years of raising my kids. I gave birth for the last time 21 years ago.

Today my baby turns 21. Tonight we take him to Stone for his "first" beer and a family celebration.

I'm a proud momma of a wonderful 21-year-old Man.

Life Lessons We Can Learn From Our Children

I am so grateful that this beautiful soul was willing to take a chance on me as his mom and friend through this life. We must have known each other in our past lives. Before conception, I had visions of my children, and we did communicate often.

It is so fulfilling knowing that they entrusted me in this lifetime to nurture them and guide them through emotional development and spiritual growth.

What did I learn from my children?

  • to give beyond myself
  • to love with a depth I never knew existed before
  • to be patient and resilient
  • to see things from a whole new perspective

They have been my teachers and my guides in so many ways. God placed the love for my children deep in my heart. I am looking at this young 21-year-old man knowing that he will need me in different ways than he did before. The bond between us grows deeper and stronger.

How is your relationship with your children? A mom-child relationship can be really challenging sometimes. If you want to improve or deepen your relationship with your children and you need help, advice, support or counseling, let me help.