Overcoming Problem-Solving Obstacles

Posted on 16th January, 2023

I used to get so worried at times when I felt like circumstances in my life were slipping out of control. Resisting the natural flow got extremely uncomfortable, but it occurred to me that all my worries stemmed from the struggle to search for answers while fearing the outcome. I was engaged in it with the conscious mind, and that was the very place where the problem was stuck.

Trying too hard to come up with a solution often creates roadblocks in the greater picture of what the Universe has in store for us. If we regard a certain situation as a problem, then it cannot be anything but a problem. Therefore, it will not get us where we need to be. So first, it is essential to shift your perspective so that positive change can truly emerge.

The Problem-Solving Mechanism

It is not the amount of energy we put into our actions but the kind of energy that makes the most significant impact. I have found a new and very pleasant approach to a challenging circumstance and found it to work miraculously. Try it and experience the satisfying results:

  • Pick a problem or situation that concerns you but that you are willing to give up control with. Perhaps it's something that "has no good solution possible anyway."
  • From now on, think of this situation as a project rather than a problem. Get in touch with the "essence" or feeling of what the desired outcome will give you - for example: freedom, love, health, and joy.
  • Give up that idea that you must do something and give up any attachment to the outcome while you hold onto only the essence of the desired feeling. Now, all you have is a "project" and a desired "essence or feeling."

Take a moment to feel how your energy about this situation has already changed just by letting go of the need to control the outcome and by changing the label.

Bring Clarity and Confidence to Your Decision-Making Process

There's no magical solution, a one-size-fits-all in problem-solving. But there is a change in mindset that can help you generate creative ideas with much ease. Once you select a course of action, implement it. A simple adjustment in perspective might get you there sooner.

My readings will teach you how to listen to your own intuition and guide you toward accomplishing your dreams and goals. It is not as complicated as it may seem; as long as you understand how to get the hurdles out of the way, you will be rewarded with the answers you need to achieve your objectives.