Numerology – Awaken Your Intuition

Posted on 23rd March, 2021

Do you have a number that resonates with you? Maybe you've always had a "lucky number", or you often find yourself seeing double numbers on your clock 11:11, 22:22. Numbers have a funny way of showing up in our lives and they've been a source of discovery, mathematical or otherwise, for thousands of years. In fact, Pythagoras the Greek philosopher, and mathematician, is also known to have used numbers to reveal a person's nature.

What Is Numerology?

In a nutshell, numerology is an ancient study of numbers and their correlation to different letters and number combinations. It's a fascinating craft and I often find that it comes up naturally during my readings with clients, usually as a tool to assess a person's vibration. Also, it's a useful instrument for those who study or practice astrology since it often overcrosses with their craft.

I once met a numerologist back in 1982 and I read her book, By the Numbers which I highly recommend. It's reader-friendly and personally, I got a lot of helpful information from it which I still use and apply today to help my clients with their struggles.

How to Use Numerology

Numerology, as a craft, is quite straightforward you can use it to calculate your name number for example. You take numbers 1 through 9 and assign an alphabet letter to each one.

You can also use numerology to analyze your birth date and to reveal your root number. This means reducing couple digits until you're left with a single-digit number. This does not apply to 11 and 22 which are known as Master Numbers. Numerology is also a simple way to figure out the number of your first, second or last name.

The number you're left with at the end is called a Life Path Number and you can use it to understand your:

  • purpose in life
  • strengths
  • weaknesses
  • talents
  • ambitions
  • the origin of certain events

Numbers can have a great impact on our lives so if you're looking to learn more about yourself, your family or circumstances, numerology might lift some veils to help you figure your position and whether it's time for a life reassessment.

Not only am I using it in my readings with clients, but I've also used numerology in naming my children. The effects have been so profound that I encourage anyone to look into this craft especially for naming a child. By using it you are casting an energetic effect that will influence your life and the life of your children. You are setting the tone for future accomplishments and paths.

Whether you decide to work with numerology as a hobby or as a profession, it has the power to open your mind and strengthen your intuition to gain more insight into your life, actions, relationships, family, career, and other areas of interest.