My Most Profound Meditation

Posted on 24th November, 2019

One of my most profound and memorable meditations was actually very early after I learned to meditate. It was Feb 14th, the best day I was told to chant "Om Nama Shivaya." I was having the most pleasant meditation, despite my constant effort to 'not think anything.'

Quite suddenly I was catapulted through space and time. I exploded into another realm. It was very much like Star Trek when they go into the Hyper Space. The picture that I saw in that "Hyper Space" moment was like an opal illuminated and glowing with a halo of light. It almost looked like the Sun with light pouring through it from the backside, spraying and fanning out all around it. It was like looking directly into the sun without being able to, or wanting to, disengage. I was completely disconnected from this body and even the universe. I was only consciousness. This was a sensational experience such that I can only attempt to describe.

Experience of a Far Greater Joy

I experienced a sort of explosion of absolute release and joy far greater than any physical orgasm. Yet, that is the closest way I can describe it. It was beyond an orgasm of gargantuan proportion. This was like an orgasm of body, mind, and spirit in a total orchestra.

I have been meditating since 1988. I've had other fantastic experiences, but this opened something very powerful in my spiritual quest.

In 25 years, I have not recorded much of my meditations. I have experienced so much that I wish I had recorded every experience however mundane or exciting. During my meditation journey, I have glimpses of lessons, past life recalls, visits from loved ones that have passed over. I have had out-of-body experiences, prophecy, and I have felt the Earth move. There have been visits to other galaxies, geometric shapes, and colors. I have seen spectacular light shows and heard sounds from another dimension. I have been blessed to experience the past, present, and future of clients and myself. I am grateful and humbled by the many other souls that have allowed me a glimpse of them as divinity.

Meditation Continues to Draw Me to the Heart of God

I have also been to a place they call "The Void." At first, a few sepia-like pictures formed of Great Masters such as Jesus and 2 others known to me but without a name. A powerful flash of light and the world just seemed to fall out from under me. I felt suspended, and then I felt 'nothing'.

At first, I tried to describe it as neutral or nothing. I can't give words to describe "The Void" because it cannot really be described even as nothing. To describe anything, it becomes some-thing rather than no-thing. Are you caught up in meditation for the entertainment of it? To accomplish something such as receiving answers?

Remember please that meditation is to join with God, just as you visit a loved one, not to have a flashy experience. It is such a blessing to visit God. Not looking for an outcome but to be in the presence of God even for a moment. I still get distracted. Some visits are spectacular, and some are a bit more on the uneventful side. All are blessed moments with our Creator.

Meditation is to be with God. To know yourself and to know God.

My dear, if you need guidance on your spiritual journey, feel free to contact me. Namaste.