Mustang Magic

Posted on 2nd December, 2018

A client of mine recently shared how she manifested exactly the car she wanted. It turns out one of my tales of fun had inspired her.

We were in the air somewhere over the U.S. on our way to New York. My husband Pete says "let's manifest something." Okay, what shall we manifest? and quick as I said that I had an intuitive vision of ice cream. Naturally, I suggested ice cream (plus now I really wanted a hot fudge sundae).

Make Your Dreams Come True - It Is Possible

Pete disagreed thinking that was too easy and saying let's make it more fun. We came to the decision that we would manifest a Red Mustang Convertible.

When we arrived at the auto rent desk we asked if they had a Mustang we might rent. She said "No, I'm sorry but we rarely get Mustangs here and never convertible." However... As we are getting ready to sign the papers for our rental an employee comes up behind her and puts keys down on a car just turned in. Mustang...Red...and yes Convertible! What fun. I have to add that as we arrived at our family's home there was a Swanson's Ice Cream truck parked out front. As we walked in our family said they were just waiting for us to arrive and meet everyone else at Friendly's. Friendly's is the local ice cream haven in New York Mills.

My intuition came about as well, I got my hot fudge sundae! My dear, would you like to learn how to make your dreams come true? Let me help you, attend one of my classes or book a psychic reading session, so you can receive Spirit's insightful guidance.