The Mind - Gateway to the Soul

Posted on 27th August, 2022

Between family, work, and our daily chores, the mind and soul connection often gets off-balance. What are the keys to getting them back into alignment? Having them incorporated into your daily program can really help. A healthy, energized mind brings your soul's extraordinary treasures to light, thanks to the knowledge that is achieved gradually in your inner universe.

Did you ever consider awakening the true power of your mind? Your mind is where you make the decisions that determine the quality of your life. A centered mind leads to a centered inner universe. Using our mind to access a gateway to the soul, to awaken it, has to be a conscious decision. Why should you let your mind be self-directed and propagate endless mind chatter?

Your Soul - The Sacred Altar of the Temple of Your Being

When you become aware of your soul's aspirations, then your entire being will be an ideal receptacle of the Divine Light. Bring the focus from your mind to your spiritual heart, and align your mind and heart. You'll be knocking on your soul's gateway as soon as you balance the mind-heart connection.

  • When you awaken your soul, you immediately identify with its light, love and peace. If you want to connect with God as soon as possible, follow the path of your spiritual heart so that the sublime light of your soul can emerge.
  • The key is identification; we often identify with our body, not our soul. Our being is like a house where we spend all our time in the basement, not having the curiosity to explore the upper floors. The soul fights against limitation, ignorance, and imperfection, trying to reveal its divine light.

Awakening the Soul Through Meditation and Prayer

Train your mind and use it as a powerful tool for your best benefit. How to start it - realize what your thoughts are throughout your day and elevate them to a higher level. Ask guidance from your guardian angels or spirit guides. Ask them to inspire you, to help you see with your soul, and to act with compassion instead of reacting with selfishness.

Practice meditation and pray each day. It will help you bring your focus from your mind chatter to the silence of your soul. You don't have to start with long meditations, but keep up with your daily practice until it becomes a habit. When your mind is at peace, the light of your soul emerges.

My dear, are you ready to enrich your life by knowing how to tap into the light and beauty of your soul? Are you ready to receive insight from Spirit during a psychic reading session? I would be delighted to offer you my help and guidance.