MELT Every Day and You Will Feel Better in Every Way

Posted on 18th November, 2020

There are simple methods that can make you feel great every day. This one is easy and efficient. Melt every day.


  • M - Meditate
  • E - Exercise
  • L - Laugh
  • T - Think


Meditation is the practice of focused concentration, perhaps on a positive saying or a burning candle. Some meditation practices are spiritual, but it does not always have to be in order to receive some of the benefits. Meditation involves clearing the mind of chatter and bringing yourself back to the moment over and over again.

Meditation lowers blood pressure, increases endorphins, and actually addresses stress, whether positive or negative. Meditation can also reduce the areas of anxiety, chronic pain, depression, heart disease, and boost the immune system.

There are so many guides to beginning a meditation practice. Here is a helpful excerpt from my award-winning book Knowing pg. 193.:
"I hope you will begin a consistent meditation practice. This will support a deeper meditation. The deeper the meditation the faster is to manifest your goals. For optimum successes in meditation, these are some bullet points to remember.

  1. Create a special space or chair for your meditation.
  2. Sit with spine straight, in the lotus position, or straight-back chair
  3. Practice meditation at the same time each day
  4. Morning and evening are the best times
  5. Close your eyes and turn them upward to gaze upon the location of the third eye. This is a reference to the chakra located in the forehead. The third eye is not a physical eye. It is located in the center of the forehead just above the level of the eyebrows. This is the center that must awaken for intuition.
  6. Focus inward on the breath completely. Do not try to control the breath, just observe
  7. Focus upon each nuance of the cool air entering your nostrils, and the warmer air leaving out the mouth.
  8. Notice how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation.

Pay attention to the breath as if you are responsible for watching a toddler near the water's edge and you can't let your mind lose track of this breath for a moment. Meditation is easier said than done but well worth the effort."

The rewards of meditation are beyond measure. Here are just a few proven benefits of meditation:

  • deeper sleep
  • less sleep required
  • normalizing blood pressure
  • reduced stress,
  • reduced conflict within relationships
  • and much, much, more

Best of all; you will get to know yourself, finding release from internal trauma and discord. Even better, you will know for yourself a relationship with Divine and this makes All Things Possible.


Exercise can be anything that gets you moving. If you don't have an exercise routine it can be as simple as walking every day. Ideally, you will be breaking a sweat every day. Whichever form of movement gets you motivated to move you will get so many great results. Exercise is currently held accountable for making you feel and look better in every way. Exercising increases your sense of feel good in every way. It lifts depression, releases endorphins, improves every aspect of physical health and wellbeing. Interested in dating? Hear this; exercise is a great way to meet potential partners. When you have a routine around working out you eventually get to know others who share similar interests in the activities you enjoy. Joining a co-ed team of any sort is a fun way to combine exercise with meeting friends.


Laughter is the best medicine and it brightens every cell in your body and your aura will shine. Watch funny movies or laugh with friends. Many people are stressed to the point that they find laughter doesn't come as easily as it once did. Here is a simple exercise that will usually elicit a laugh and either way gives many of the benefits genuine laughter produces. This practice should be done each morning for the best results. Stand in front of the bathroom mirror and make the H sound followed by each vowel sound 3 times, A-E-I-O-U. Say it loud and proud like this; Ha, Ha, Ha, He, He, He, Ho, Ho, Ho Hu, Hu, Hu, and by now I am happy smiling, and often genuinely laughing. Try this with a child for extra fun and you will absolutely be laughing.


Thinking is not about thinking of work or worries. Learn something new each day. Creativity and thinking can go hand in hand and so can it be quite playful to think. Play a new game you have never played before or learn a new skill and you will be opening new pathways in your brain. New pathways in the brain stave off dementia and more. I tried Luminosity and found it somewhat fun but it did not lead me into craving my thinking time. I have found, for the aspect of thinking every day I need a goal. I began learning piano 2 years ago and found that I thoroughly enjoy the new places my brain must go each day. I have always enjoyed Chess but was never by any means a good player (I am still not a great player).

My hubby and I have found a new fun that we can share in Chess and there is so much free learning available online. We purchased a new game called The Road To Catan and it has become the family go-to on game night. During the winter months (or COVID-19 lockdown) we set up a 1,000 piece puzzle. We have had many of our best family conversations and laughter during puzzling and most ages can participate. Puzzles keep you thinking while having fun.

MELT every day and you will feel better in every way.

More information can be found in my award-winning book "Knowing"