What Is the Meaning of Carnations?

Posted on 8th November, 2019

Answering this question can be difficult with only one answer as there are many colors available and each of them has different meanings. For me, the answer to what is the meaning of carnations changed last February.

Just today the significance of what is the meaning of carnations changed again and I am really excited to share this story with you. Here is where you ask "What was this new enlightenment about carnations and how did it come about?"

I attended a women's networking group that I have been a part of for about 6 years. I just love these women and the great energy and enthusiasm they bring to their varied professions. Many of them are clients and several are now very close friends of mine.

Last February's meeting I brought a big beautiful basket of 100 pink and red carnations. I tied each carnation with a red ribbon and attached a Disney Princess valentine.

Before I give a gift of any kind I bless the gift. In this case blessing the flowers for love, healthy and happy relationships, as well as the intent that each lady receiving a flower would feel special.

Adding a Blessing to Any Gift Is Very Simple

I also bless my business cards, books or any products that I will give to clients. Any gift or offering is made more special with a blessing. What is the meaning of carnations or any gift for that manner? They say "it is thought that counts". To me, this means the intent or love with which you are giving the item being presented.

At each meal, we clasp our hands together and say a blessing. Perhaps you do the same at your family table. Saying a prayer or blessing before a meal enhances the vitality in the meal, as well as setting a tone of calm among the gathering. No matter what your religious beliefs may be you can bless the food and all who helped in bringing it to your table.

Blessing gifts can be just as simple and amplifies the vibration and love in the item being offered. Just place your hands on either side of the gift and send love and your special wishes for the item and its recipient. This is what I did with each carnation as I was handling it.

One month later in March I went to the same women's meeting and guess what - 3 different women came up to me eager to share that their carnation was still very fresh with no sign of deteriorating. One woman even brought her carnation with her to show me! All the carnations I heard about happened to be the pink ones. I also put a blessed pink carnation on my altar at home and it lived for 5 weeks!

Symbols, Meaning, Intuition

Today I was wondering what is the meaning of carnations, in particular, pink ones. I kind of expected they would mean love and affection, or baby girl maybe. This is what I read on www.Hunker.com that I never would have guessed.

Pink carnations are the most commonly shared and are believed to have the deepest meaning. Their complicated story starts with the crucifixion of Christ, where they were said to have sprouted after having been watered with the tears of the Virgin Mary. For this reason, what is the meaning of carnations has taken on yet another significance to me. Yes, they also signify love, in particular, the undying love of a mother or a maternal figure.

If you plan to give other colors of carnations and wonder what is the meaning of carnations in various colors this is what I found:

  • Carnation is the birth flower for January
  • White - Pure love and good luck
  • Yellow - Grief, loss, or rejection
  • Purple - Capriciousness or unpredictability
  • Red - Deep love, passion, admiration

Carnations are easily dyed and come in some unusual colors like green to celebrate Saint Patrick's day or perhaps your favorite sports team. Blue carnations are often seen around the 4th of July in the United States. I have always loved carnations and their spicy, feisty scent. I even wore carnation perfume as a very young girl. I say any flower is a wonderful flower and any gift a wonderful gift. So give love, share and remember any gift is sweeter with a blessing.

We can easily discover and understand the meaning of symbols, the meaning of various aspects of the world through our intuition. If you would like to know how to awake, enhance and use your intuition, I invite you to attend one of my spiritual intuitive classes.